Time of Dragons

8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Responsive and accurate controls. | Excellent graphics.

Some loadings are poorly optimized.

Air warfare has never been as exciting as it is in Time of Dragons. You will choose your rider and your dragon, take to the skies, use your weapons and skills, and kill the opponents. There are numerous opponents here and various maps to add difficulty. You will have to manage all of this if you want to win it. This is no easy task, either. Winning means having a good strategy, fully utilizing the map, knowing your rider and dragon, having quick reflexes, and working to become the best. You will have to put your all into this if you want to do well.

Time of Dragons12

You will fight in Time of Dragons using a dragon, of course. You will ride a dragon using a rider. A good combination is nearly unbeatable, as long as you have the skills to back it up. Play with each of them to learn which one is best. This requires some playing experience and a lot of switching between them. You will have to know which one you prefer so that you can start to improve it, learn more about it, and raise yourself to greater heights. With the right dragon and rider, nearly anything is possible for you.

Dragons have their own unique abilities and you can use weapons. The unique abilities are why you should try out each dragon. They differ in appearance and power so the right one can make a huge difference. Choose the ability that you like the most, get your favorite skin, get the weapons ready to go, and start tearing away at the enemies.

Time of Dragons5

With riders and decorations to make your dragon even stronger, this is not going to be that difficult. You can create a powerhouse that will take down anything that dares to step, or fly in this case, in your path.

There is an improvement system for dragons, too. This is a major reason why you will want to stick with a main dragon as you play. If you continue to switch between them, you will not improve as quickly as you would like. To gain the most from Time of Dragons, you will need a top dragon that you use regularly. You can still use the other dragons, of course, but, for strength, you will want to focus on using a specific combination that you know and that you can continue to prove while you play. This helps to keep you on top.

Time of Dragons6

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Time of Dragons does have PvP. PvP is a major part, of course. This is a game all about war, strategy, and aerial combat, so you would expect PvP to play a part. As you learn the different maps, as you adjust to the areas and the hiding spots, and as you learn more about your dragon, you will still have one worry: The other players. You cannot guess what the other players will do or know. They are not computers, after all, so there is always a bit of mystery to them. It adds a challenging aspect to the game that you have to manage.

Time of Dragons is free to play.

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