Throne Rush

7.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Soundds: 7/10
Graphics: 6/10

Solid game with balanced system.

Identical to Clash of Clans.

Master strategy and action in Throne Rush. This is a real time strategy game for mobile and Facebook that has you building a fortress and an army. It is certainly no easy task, but it is an exciting one. If you love playing RTS games, you will find a lot to enjoy here.

It is a simple, straightforward game that offers what you would imagine. Build, attack, build. That is all you are doing while playing. It may seem too simple for an RTS, but it is actually incredible entertaining and it will have you continually challenging yourself if you want to take out opponents.

Throne Rush12

To win, you need a good defense. Every victory starts at home, and you will build that home. You will erect all of the necessary buildings and walls that will keep out the enemy. Do not just throw them up anywhere, though. Putting them in random spots or going by what you find aesthetically pleasing is a bad idea. You have to approach this with a strategy in mind. You have to find the best spots to build and to put up walls. You want as low of a chance of destruction as possible. If you go forward without a plan, enemies can demolish everything in mere minutes.

Of course, you cannot win without an army. You have to start putting together an army if you want to win. Throne Rush gives you several types of units to use, such as warriors or archers. You can make as many as you would like for your army. As long as you have the appropriate buildings, you can start creating your army quickly.

Throne Rush11

Some of the units, such as warriors, are done almost immediately. Without having to wait, you can start focusing on destroying the enemies using your new army. It will be an adventure on its own.

Throne Rush has social features, too. You are not stuck with fighting computers here, thankfully. You can fight other people, making it more difficult. They will each have their own setups so you will have to work your way around that. You will place your armies in specific spots, you will take action, and you will start tearing down at their defenses. This is not so easy to do, though. Tearing down the walls and actually winning requires a large amount of effort and thought. This is a simple game, yes, but it is still a real time strategy game.

Throne Rush10

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It looks and work amazingly well. This is where the simplicity of Throne Rush comes into play. It does not take away large pieces of content, instead choosing to keep the graphics and interface simple and attractive.

It still feels like most other RTS games on the market, especially on mobile or social platforms, but it has its own interface and appeal. If you like playing RTS games, or if you want to play one that is comfortable and easy to get into, this title will offer the experience that you want.

Throne Rush is free to play.

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