The Cave

8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

It has a sense of humour.

Repetitive gameplay on some levels.

If you love exploring the dark side in an action packed video game, you’re going to love the cave. This game will have you going through puzzles and stories they keep your mind moving. The Cave will have you hooked for days on end, exploring the mysteries and learning about each character. Each character is there to get the greatest desire, and you will be there guide.  It is a difficult but challenging experience that you want to go thru over and over again.

As you start the game you have to choose three characters out of seven. Each of the seven characters is vastly different and offer many different usable skills throughout the play of the game. You can use each of them to complete various puzzles and sections of the game in an extraordinary way.

The Cave8

Each character has their own story and based on that, there are certain things that you can gain from each of them. If you find that you do not like your choice of character you can always go back to the different characters to play until you have seen each of their abilities. In certain cases a certain character may be the best choice for the level you are trying to complete.

The Cave is all about completing the puzzles, which are challenging but not impossible. If you are a person who loves to use your mind figuring out challenging puzzles The Cave will draw you in. If you use all of your characters effectively you can move through these puzzles with ease.

The Cave11

To do this effectively you will switch between each of them making them do what is needed to complete the puzzle and unlock new mysteries? You only have one item at a time so completing the puzzles will mostly rely on your mind. Remember to use your own logic to recall everything that you have done and you will be successful.

As you continue to the game you’ll see stories unravel as you experience more of what the cave has to offer. You’re also going to see how difficult this game can be, and we are not just talking about the puzzles! Controlling your character can be very difficult at times but it is manageable.

The Cave12

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Don’t worry this won’t take the fun out of the game, just be sure to keep steady. The fun is in the puzzles and with time you will figure out how to control and maneuver you players with skill.

If you are a person who likes dark stories and puzzles and love using your mind you will definitely enjoy The Cave. The Cave is an exhilarating game and will keep you on your toes. Go on a dark and mysterious journey every time you turn it on. Experience everything that the game has to offer in your own time. Each time you play the cave you will encounter new experiences and multiple characters. This is a game that will keep you interested for hours at a time!

The Cave is free to play.

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