Supreme Destiny

8.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 7/10

Different servers for different play styles.

Constant grindfests.

Supreme Destiny is an entertaining game of battles and magic. Make your character, run into the massive world, and have fun. There is a lot for you to do, from taking down beasts to building up various skills. As you continue to play, you will have access to more opportunities and more advantages that make this even better. Any MMORPG fan will find themselves loving every minute of the game, wanting to meet new people and take out enemies as quickly as possible. With the available PK and the many options and features, there is always something for you to do or someone for you to destroy.

You can get started right away. After downloading the client, you will make your character. Choose from four classes and choose a name. The four classes, like any other game, have their unique skills and benefits. They also have some disadvantages or they might not fit your fighting style.

Supreme Destiny8

Make sure that you choose the right character type so that you can improve and have fun in a way that suits you. Once you are finished creating your character, jump into the world and start tearing everything away or having fun with the many features that are part of this world.

Quests are everywhere in Supreme Destiny. When exploring, you are going to come across various quests that help to push the overall storyline forward. If you are a person who prefers a good story, this is certainly going to leave you excited. As you level up and improve, you can continue to complete quests and see more of what this world has to offer.

Supreme Destiny10

Since quests are very story driven, you can enjoy them completely and feel as if you are actually living in this universe. You will have an investment in the characters that are all around you.

It is not just the characters, of course. This is an MMORPG, after all, so you have a massive community, too. You can trade and speak to people, making friends as you take down foes. You can also start going into PK areas, player killing areas. This is where you can kill other players. It is a lot of fun and it is incredibly challenging.

Supreme Destiny12

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If you plan to do this, make sure that you are good enough. Plenty of high level players like to go to PK areas for personal entertainment and will not hesitate when it comes to taking you out.

Supreme Destiny feels quite nice. It has quite the attractive design and feel to it. When playing, you should have no trouble moving around and managing all aspects of exploration, battling, and your character. While the graphics are not top quality, they are decent enough for a free MMORPG. As long as you do not mind the graphics much, you will probably enjoy the game. It does a great job of bringing together many features that you want in these types of games, and doing it well. You will spend hours just making your character as powerful as possible.

Supreme Destiny is free to play.

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