Sunset Overdrive

9.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Fun and humorous. | Great graphics with unique art style.

Repetitive mission design.

Sunset Overdrive gives you a unique and exciting experience. This third person shooter relies on agile and quick movements if you are to win. You have to make your way around the city, you have travel around hordes of mutated humans, you have to find your way to areas, and you have to keep yourself going. It is all hard work, of course, but it is fun. This game is fun from the moment that you begin. You can customize, wall jump, ride rails, collect strange and powerful weapons, and do so much more. It is an unbelievable experience that anyone will love joining.

Sunset Overdrive8

As with any third person shooter, you will navigate the city using your character. The character in Sunset Overdrive is not a preset look that the developers wanted to use. Instead, it is a character that you can customize. There are a lot of options here for customization. You can make a unique, interesting character that has the perfect style for you. In this futuristic setting, that could mean almost anything. Play with the different options until you have a look that you feel best represents you. Make sure you are happy with it, too, because it will remain your character as you start to explore and fight.

The world of Sunset Overdrive is a futuristic one, as stated. The story puts you in the position of a FizzCo employee. FizzCo recently released its own energy drink, but it had frightening results. The people who drank it mutated, turning into strange monsters. These monsters are out destroying and you were given the job to stop them.

Sunset Overdrive4

Using the large selection of weapons that you will field, you have to shoot and kill all of the mutants that are causing chaos. Along the way, you will meet many other characters that, too, are trying to survive in this new world.

Two of the main aspects of Sunset Overdrive are the fighting and the movement. The fighting utilizes not only the creative and entertaining weapons, but also amps, which are sort of like superpowers. These together will make you an unstoppable force. Start figuring out which weapons and amps that you prefer, and then use them to their fullest. The movement part, too, makes this game stand out. It is all about parkour essentially. You will run, jump, ride rails, and move around elegantly. You have to make your way around here safely, and that is your way to do it.

Sunset Overdrive12

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Sunset Overdrive does have a multiplayer option. This gives you the chance to play alongside friends, taking out numerous foes as they come out to challenge you. It is a great way to either have fun with friends or get competitive to see who is best. Either way, it is a feature any social gamer will love. When combined with the intense action, the style of the combat and moves, the style of the art, and the overall gameplay, you will have plenty to do when playing this game.

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