Stormfall: Age of War

8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Story-driven and strategy is simplified.

Repetitive gameplay.

Stormfall: Age of War plays and acts like a mix of your average Facebook title and a full real time strategy game. This mixture creates something new and exciting that is different from what most casual gamers see. When you are not fully invested in gaming but still enjoy a few experiences here and there on social websites and mobile devices, this is something to pick up.

If you are a more hardcore gamer that loves to grind, focus on improvement in games, and spend hours completing tasks, this is something to pick up. Anyone with any interest in these types of games will enjoy what is available here.


The art and general appeal of Stormfall: Age of War is incredible. For a game on Facebook, it looks great. It does not have any ridiculous art or a cartoonish style, and the overall feel of the game is going to get you ready to play. If you are the type of person who gets into games with good art and wants something extra to enjoy, you are certainly going to be satisfied here. It gives you the feel and look that you expect without going over the top. With the music and voice acting, you have even more to appreciate and admire.

Of course, being a real time strategy, Stormfall Age of War is going to challenge you. Anyone who has played these games in the past knows this, but it is not going to be as complex as you might expect. Unlike many other real time strategy games out there, this has streamlined and simplified the experience.


You now have something cleaner and easier to play that offers a comfortable experience for all. If you are new to these games, this is a great introduction. For hardcore gamers, this is the perfect way to waste time without having to do a lot of the smaller tasks that are common in this genre.

What may surprise you about Stormfall: Age of War is that it has a rather strong storyline. It is not all about fighting for the sake of fighting. You have a world of warlords attempting to take everything down, and you have to be the one to restore peace. Start by building up your castle, collecting resources, protecting your land, and strengthening your forces, moving through the story by completing the missions. All missions are rather straightforward and easy to complete, so you should be able to do this with little effort.


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It is still a Facebook game, obviously, so you are going to see that playing a role in the experience. Stormfall: Age of War allows you to purchase sapphires, a currency that you can use to speed up tasks or build, and has a lot of elements that you expect, such as resource building.

It still offers the same type of social gaming that you are familiar with, just with real time strategy elements mixed into it. It is a wonderful combination for anyone who loves these games but wants something a bit simpler.

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