Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm

8.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Solid real-time strategy elements. Less repetitive and linear compared to other RTS games.

Generic fantasy story.

What Is Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm

As a fantasy, dragon, RTS game, Spellforce 2 has some interesting tweaks and clever ideas such as an entire city that has magically turned into a ship. The original Spellforce brought in 2 expansions plus this first add-on for the sequel and will probably not be the last to come on board. Developed by Phenomic, dragons are huge, scaled, fire-breathing, looting creatures. Adding to that, there are dragons that can be milked! I’ll leave that at that.

Spellforce 2 has turned the game more toward RPG and less toward RTS.  There are some added bells and whistles along the way.  It’s still pretty much the same when it comes to dragons and other quirky events, critters and adventures.  Dragon Storm is a lot of fun because everyone loves dragons!

Spellforce2 4

The Game:

Dragon Storm does offer some locations that were present in the original Spellforce. You will have a conversation with General Redmond back in Sevenkeeps regarding the downfall of the city and the condition of his troops. Do not think that Dragon Storm is simply a repeat because it’s not. There are many new features including bags of loot, weapons, armors and great quests.

There is an Item Crafting system for character development and other options including Magic Trees and Shaikan Powers. These include Pet summons, healing and hit points.

Spellforce2 10

Dragon Storm also offers maps that you and your small group of heroes must tackle. The game also takes on a new approach on army buildings in some of the missions. When bases are involved, they are already pre-built.

Getting back to General Redmond; in this game his troops are dwindling and starving. You need to get food to him so some of his men may gain their strengths back. Once done, they will fight along side you. In order to rank, you can hunt or raid an enemy convoy.

The scenarios and quests have a great deal of imagination throughout the game. A great deal of effort has gone into recruiting party members, sub-quests involving these party members and a back story. Characters receive goodies such as upgraded weapons when quests are solved.

Spellforce2 11

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The online multiplayer mode has been tweaked quite nicely. There is a duel map allowing a party of characters to face another in a small arena. Four new maps are added in the free game mode in which you join up with others to take on various missions. This allows leveling your character up just like in the single person mode.

In Conclusion:

Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm embraces all the fun elements of fantasy, battles, dragons and other characters and friends. Although many of the tweaks are not major, it has given the game more variety and fun. Battles are smaller and the quality of the missions and quests are greatly refined. If you like this genre of gameplay, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

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