Social Empires

6.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

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No Intuitive marquee select for the armies.

Social Empires follows the simple concept you see everywhere with games: Easy to learn, but hard to master. It offers this type of experience well, too. You can get into it right away, build up your empire, and start taking out enemies. To become the best, though, it takes effort and time and personal investment. You have to put yourself into the game wholly. It is no easy task, either. With it being hard to master, you can expect numerous obstacles in your path as you try to improve and take down the biggest, strongest opponents that you will find in the game.

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Social Empires is a real time strategy game that will have you build your empire. You will have an army and you will start to build upon that army as you go deeper into the game. You can use 150 different units to build your army. Each one is different and each one offers some unique advantages. Mix and match them to create the perfect strategies. Have a specific set up for certain enemies and switch it around for the next opponent. As you grow, you can create complex and immense strategies that will use many of the units that you collect over the course of the game.

This is not a simple battling game. You also have an empire to watch over and build. This empire will use over 50 different types of buildings. Like the units, each one has its own purpose. You can use some to improve the defense of your empire, a vital part of survival.

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These defense buildings will protect you from attack and certain destruction. You also have a wide array of other types of buildings, such as decorations, that help you to achieve a specific look or complete tasks. Use all buildings to make a powerful, beautiful empire that will reign supreme.

You have many goals and missions spread throughout Social Empires. As you play, you will come across these goals and missions. They will give you something to do, they will help you to improve, and they will keep you focused. If you are the type to bore easily when left to your own devices, left without any direction or purpose, you will love having so many tasks given to you. Work tirelessly to complete them, gaining from whatever the goal or mission offers. Usually, it is not that hard, but it will take time to finish them.

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Obviously, Social Empires is a social game. Along with fighting computers, you can also fight people. The PvP section of the game is great. It is not as immense as some games, but it is what you would imagine from a casual real time strategy game. It will challenge you the entire time that you play. You will always have players out there who are better, who know what they are doing, and you have to work hard to defeat them. If you ever do become the best, you will have to work hard to stay the best, too.

Social Empires is free to play.

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