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Gameplay: 8/10
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PvP mode. | Many different skills.

Grind based gameplay.

Silkroad Online is an old game, but it continues to attract positive feedback and attention because of how entertaining it is. It has a unique story and plenty of unique features in a familiar MMORPG package. If you have played MMORPGs before, the look, feel, and usability of this game will feel similar. The similarities stop there, though. The features and story are not commonly found in any game. When they are, they certainly do not do them as well as SRO has. It is a gaming experience they everyone should take on at some point, especially if you are an MMORPG fan.

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The story of Silkroad Online is based on the Silk Road trading route of years ago that made trading possible between Europe and China. You might have heard about the Silk Road in school at some point, like many people. While you may have learned the basics behind it, you likely never heard of it told in this way. SRO gives you a unique spin and approach that you have never seen before. You will become either European or Asian and then enter the world of SRO, ready to take on this trading route for yourself and try to improve, make money, and explore.

You will become, help, or harm merchants in Silkroad Online. Since this is all about a trading route, the center of the action is the trading itself. You can become a merchant and make money by using the trade route, though this will leave you open to attack from monsters and thieves.

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You also become a hunter, the mercenary that protects merchants from attack. The last job option is thief, those who try to take from merchants. You will choose from the three when you hit level 20. This will affect your entire game, too, so choose wisely. It is far from similar to class systems that only change your fighting style.

PvP is a major part of Silkroad Online, as you might imagine. Since the game is all about protectingor fighting other players, there is a lot of time going into the PvP section of the game. It is manageable and you will not have to worry about unfair matchups with higher level characters. Most higher level areas are not available for visiting until you reach the appropriate level. Another part of PvP is the fortress war. You will fight over control of the fortress. Winning grants your guild extra powers and options.

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Silkroad Online is full of content. Along with what you have here, there are also pets, skills, crafting, and much more. It is a full game with a full experience. Part of this is thanks to the age. It has been around since 2005 so it has had time to build and improve. The developers have put in the effort to make it much, much more than most other titles. It is more exciting, more complete, more adventurous, and more entertaining as a whole. It is the type of experience you want in an MMORPG.

Silkroad Online is free to play.

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