School of Dragons

8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Basic science educational feature.

Some of the early play content can get repetitive.

This amazing world of creativity is loaded with timeless exploration and exciting quests that you will find more than entertaining. School of Dragons offers you a virtual world of unimaginable fun – this game truly captures your imagination and it also is a fantastic way to spend your time after school! You will love the fun along with the scientific discovery that this game promotes, especially while using the Scientific Method.

During the game play you will see how different scientific concepts will help you complete different quests. You will be able to encounter and interact with DreamWorks Animation characters from How to Train Your Dragon. This is very exciting and a fun experience for everyone.

School of Dragons12

You will be able to design or customize your very own Viking avatar, with different looks, as well as clothing, to fit your preference. You will be able to raise and train your very own dragon all by yourself. You will need to make sure to help your dragon when you send him to Fire Training and Flight School.

You will need to make sure you give you dragon all the training he needs as you will need him to be the best he can be, when you are racing against other Vikings. Since you will need to feed your dragon, you will need to raise your own crops. Managing your own farm is fun so do not worry.

School of Dragons4

This 3D game of dragon fun is actually very realistic when it comes to any of the other training games available. You will enjoy the graphics with the vibrant colors and pretty amazing action packed scenes. This game offers multiplayer options if you do not want to play all by yourself.

Bringing your friends in to play this game with you using the multiplayer option, will bring your gameplay to a new level.  Make sure to outdo your friends by creating and training the best dragon in the entire world!  You can play this game on your PC or by downloading it onto you mobile device. You can play this game without WiFi or even a 4G signal.

School of Dragons9

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This game offers numerous Viking adventures – you will be able to feel like you are truly experiencing yourself since you are managing your very own dragon. You will love the thrill while playing this virtual world of dragons.  All the while you are having fun; you will actually learn some pretty cool scientific knowledge along the way.  Using different scientific leaning concepts will help you advance in the game, and also be teach you some very important science topics such as the special Scientific Method.

If you ever thought it would be cool to have a pet dragon, this game will pretty much bring that dream to life. School of Dragons is a wonderful game for dragon lovers. It takes you to a world where humans and dragons live as companions.

School of Dragons is free to play.

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