Primal Carnage

8.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

The levels are lush and visually interesting.

No chance of expansion with any more maps or game modes.

This super multiplayer shooter game is one that will engross you with its skilled PVP combat and strategy team based matches and so much more.  This game is truly awesome on so many levels.  Your competitiveness will come alive in Primal Carnage.

This game can be played online and was developed by Lukewarm Media.  It is a class based game in which there are five different classes for both dinosaurs as well as humans.  If you play the game as a human player then you will see from a first person perspective; however, if you choose to play the game as a dinosaur competitor than you will view the game from a third person perspective.

Primal Carnage1

The experience this game allows from the skilled PVP combat is unreal. You will enjoy the team based strategy as well as the savage call oriented bouts. The game play is unlike anything you may have ever experienced before. The cool part is, you get to choose if you want to be a human mercenary or a predatory dinosaur. Either way you go with it, Primal Carnage will bring out your inner beast!

There are five environments you will be able to explore and combat in.  You will be able to team up with either other dinosaurs or other humans to fight against them.  There are also ten classes that you will have the opportunity to be or go up against.  There are five for the dinosaurs and five for the humans.  Keep in mind that certain classes can trump each other, similar to how you would play rock – paper – scissors.

Primal Carnage6

You will of course have the option to play from both perspectives in your game play. So if you first choose to play as a human you can change it up and play the dinosaur perspective later. Make sure to play at your best as you can unlock other things along the way by achieving multipleaccomplishments.

The human classes have the options of you being a scientist, the commando, the pathfinder, the trapper, or the pyromaniac.  As with the humans having all of these classes, the dinosaurs are competitive with their classes as well. The dinosaur classes offer you the option of being a tyrannosaurus, navaraptor, dilophosaurs, pteranodon, or a carnotaurus.

Primal Carnage12

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There are different sets of game modes as well.  In the Team Death Match mode you will be pitted against the opposing team in 5 maps.  You will need to fight until the time runs out or until one team gets the most kills. Another game mode is Get the Chopper. This game unleashes great adventure as it requires the human side to try to contact a helicopter in order to escape the map and the dinosaur team will have to stop them. If you are the dinosaur team you will have to at least hold them back until time runs out.

Survival of the fittest is what this game is all about.  So, do you think you have what it takes?  Grab your PC and unleash the beast you.

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