Phantasy Star Online 2

8.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10

Beautiful setting and graphics.

Classes and races are limited.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: RPG.

Phantasy Star Online 2 places you in a futuristic setting where you will fight monsters and complete quests. Like many other Asian MMORPG titles, you will create your character, complete basic tasks, build your own home, meet other players, and explore. Unlike most other MMORPG titles, however, you have a unique story, several options for character creation, a highly detailed character customization feature, and a beautiful environment that continues to grab people’s attention. It is a wonderful game all around that any MMORPG fan should play. If you loved the original Phantasy Star games, you will adore this title, as well, especially if you played the first online version.


Like most other games, Phantasy Star Online 2 starts out with character creation. You can choose from human, an elf like species, and mech. All three have male and female options, even the mech. Choose the one that you prefer and head right into customization. Customization is where the differences start, and where this game begins to set itself apart. It is far more detailed than you normally find, allowing you to make the perfectcharacter. You can make a unique design that appeal to you on every level. Since it is so detailed, you will rarely, if ever, look like other players exactly.

After character creation, you will jump into the game. You will start exploring this large land, completing tasks and meeting monsters. There is a lot for you to do so prepare yourself. You will have to take on all types of beasts, from simple creatures to immense monstrosities.


All of them have one goal: Destroy the player. Luckily, you can gain the advantage. If you play along with friends, use your unique skills to take down the opponent. Have a healer, ranger, and hunter ready to both assist and kill at all times.

To help you along the way, you will have pets. In Phantasy Star Online 2, they have the name MAGs. You can collect them and watch as they transform before your eyes. As they improve, they will continue to give you boosts thanks to their abilities. This will keep you alive for longer and it will give you an advantage over the enemy. Make sure thatyou use your pets to their fullest. They can help you to win in ways that nothing else can. They may even mean the difference between victory and complete devastation.


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Phantasy Star Online 2 is a beautiful game. What is truly amazing is that it is free, too. There is no need to pay anything to play it and it does not require money to enjoy any of the features. Fans of the original Phantasy Star Online will know what to expect here, at least in general. There are numerous improvements in the art and gameplay that make it feel like an entirely new game, mostly because it is. Between the anime art style and fluid action that you see with every battle, this is one of the best titles currently out there.

Phantasy Star Online 2 is free to play.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: RPG.

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