Orion: Dino Horde

8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Fun shooting game.

Game is buggy.

This sci-fi survival game is brought to you by Spiral Game Studios for Steam offers you adventure, exploration, challenges, and competitive fun.  You will enjoy the different levels of fun this game has to offer.

There are several game modes you can enjoy with this game. Entertain yourself for hours in this exciting game play virtual world of dinosaurs and so much more. Take your game to humans vs. dinosaurs and feel the thrill of excitement surge through your adrenaline pumping body as you challenge your opponent. The humans will need to steal three of the T-Rex’s eggs from different points that are shown to you on a map.

Orion Dino12

You will need to get the eggs and then make it back to base without getting eaten by any dinosaurs.  The Dino Team must defend and protect their eggs with everything they have.  They will try to kill the humans if they get in their way.  Keep in mind there are only a limited number of lives for the humans.

In the horde mode you will need to protect a generator.  This generator will be sought after by dinosaurs.  There will be waves of dinosaur attacks and it is up to you to protect it.  After every 10 ways you will need to travel to an outpost.  You will be shown where to go on the map and return the generator.  This part of the game will really have you on your toes as you defend the generator.  The dinosaurs are tricky so make sure to be alert.

Orion Dino4

In the game you will be able to access a jet pack that will enable you the advantage to fly up and reach the tops of buildings and hoover over hordes of dinosaurs.  You will be able to assault the enemy with your 3 round burst rifle and your very own frag grenades.  Be on the lookout for the support class as this class has a MedicGun.  The MedicGun can heal characters health and shields.  This is a really cool feature to help you battle those dinosaurs even more aggressively.

The recon class will offer you the ability to turn invisible.  You can only be invisible for a short time but this feature does come in handy.  You will be able to sneak past dangerous dinosaurs when you are invisible.  You will get a silenced pistol and some stun grenades as starting gear for the recon class.

Orion Dino6

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There are two types of dino classes that are a part of this super cool game.  The T-Rex class and the Spino class are the two dino classes available.  These classes offer playable dinosaurs for you to either throw rocks at or chomp down on some other players.

This revamped game is amazingly fun and offers so many features it is too hard to list them all.  The environments you will be playing in are totally stunning and the challenge of competition is more than entertaining.  You will get more than 50 weapons plus gear.  There are 5 total game modes, you will get at least 6 vehicles and so much more.

Orion: Dino Horde is free to play.

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