Odin Quest

5.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 6/10

Quest driven. | PvP mode.

Poor English translations. | Grind-based gameplay.

Adventure, mythology, and action awaits in Odin Quest. If you love Nordic mythology, MMORPG gameplay, and excitement, this is a title to play. It is everything you want in an MMORPG along with some great systems that you do not normally find in games. It is perfect for relaxation or some time to yourself. You will have the chance to take down all types of enemies, collect pets, meet other players, go on quests, and do so much more. There is a lot of content here, and it is all free to enjoy. You can start playing right now right from your browser at no cost.

Odin Quest12

Odin Quest is like most other MMORPG titles, at least in how it is built and how it plays. If you have played many MMORPG titles in the past, this is going to offer a similar feel and experience. You start by choosing one of several classes, you choose your gender and name, and then you jump into the world. You complete a few basic tasks to become accustomed to the game and system, after which you can go out on your own. The set up of the entire game is what you expect of most MMORPG titles these days. This is not inherently bad, of course. If you like the basic set up of most MMORPG titles out there, you will like this game.

Some features that you can expect from Odin Quest include pets, skills, and rewards. Rewards are becoming increasingly common these days because they reward players simply for being players. As you progress through the game, you will receive special rewards that you can use to improve your character or to do any number of other tasks.

Odin Quest11

This is an incentive to stay with the game and to continue doing what you are doing. You can receive these rewards without putting in any money, too. You get them from just playing.

One difference here is the automated system. Odin Quest allowed you to automate everything, which you do not typically find with games. You can use this automated system to gain levels, complete quests, or do basic tasks without having to click mindlessly. For people who hate grinding through games or who hate the constant clicking that you have to do for even the simplest of tasks, this is a great feature. You can move through the game with minimal clicking and effort as long as you have the automated system working.

Odin Quest1

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All of this is wrapped in a great story. As you can tell by the name, Odin Quest uses Nordic mythology to create the story. You have characters and a setting that any fan of these mythological characters and creatures will love. It is a unique story, too, that will unfold as you go through quests. If you do not care too much about this story, though, there is no reason to worry about boredom. You can breeze through the relevant quests without paying much attention to the story itself, only battling and having fun.

Odin Quest is free to play.

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