8.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

High production value.

The actual role-playing element is very thin.

Neverwinter is a new MMORPG which is free to play from Cryptic entertainment. Neverwinter is one of the most famous worlds within the Dungeons & Dragons universe and has made its way into a variety of different games including the Atari based Neverwinter series. The gameplay sets to introduce the world of Neverwinter to a whole new generation of Dungeons & Dragons players.

The focus of the Neverwinter games has always been on creating an extremely immersive experience that is forever changing. Neverwinter has always been a game that offers plenty of customization and this game is no different. With plenty of different quest to choose from as well as a variety of different items that you can use throughout the course of the game, you can customize your adventures and your characters as you go through the campaign mode or as you adventure with other players.

The city of Neverwinter has been built up once again and must be defended against forces that threaten to bring it down. Throughout the course of the questing players will have to overcome traps, monsters and learn the mystery of what’s trying to take down the city. Neverwinter has always had an excellent story and there are many twists and turns to be found in this game as well as other games.

In order to get through many of the scenarios you will have to work together with other players to create a proper party with a variety of different skills. Many of the environments within Neverwinter requires skills such as lock picking, sneaking, trap disarming and also just being able to hear and see the environment as you walk through it. Without a good variety of skills there’s a good chance that your party will face a lot of problems over the course of your adventure.

The foundry option is another big part of the new MMORPG. The foundry in Neverwinter allows you to create your own dungeons, campaigns, Cities and more. You can create new items and reimagine your favorite parts of the Neverwinter story as you go. The great thing about using the foundry is that if many players opting to using it, the amount of new content and adventures that will be produced will be virtually limitless. The foundry comes with a comprehensive tutorial that can teach you how to use it and show you exactly how to go about producing all of your favorite parts of the game.

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It will be interesting to see just how Neverwinter turns out when it is finally released. In any of the trailers Neverwinter looks just as graphically as it presses as any existing MMORPG on the market today. The fact that this RPG is entirely free to play should also increase the amount of people that are interested in getting on and trying out the Neverwinter universe.

Neverwinter is free to play.

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