Magic Dragon Village

7.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Cute and colorful dragons.

The game often freezes.

Magic Dragon Village is precisely that, a magic village of dragons. Anyone who loves magic and dragons, and enjoying both at their best, will want to play this game. It gives you everything in a cute and exciting package, where you are going to do everything from farming to battling.

You have a lot here to see and experience, and even more to enjoy, so take advantage of it as soon as possible. You may be surprised by all of the possibilities here, even if you have played games like this before. The selection and the opportunities in front of you are sure to keep you having fun.

Magic Dragon5

There are over 12 types of elements in this game for dragons. Each dragon is a specific element, and looks and battles and is sort of like that element. While they are all different because of these elements, there is even more separating them. They each have unique personalities, powers, and skills, helping them to stand out in battle and in general.

Collecting them all will give you the chance to see this all for yourself, as well as helping you to become an unstoppable powerhouse in battles. Of course, with how fun Magic Dragon Village is, you are going to want to start collecting them all anyway.

Magic Dragon4

With the dragons that you collect throughout the world of Magic Dragon Village, you can start breeding. Crossbreed your dragons to create unique combinations and create dragons that fight far better than anything else you have. With so many possibilities here, you are going to be able to breed dragons that leave you surprised and wondering how they are possible. Once you start evolving the dragons, you are going to find yourself even more surprised.  The amazing things that these dragons become will leave you wide eyed and wanting much, much more.

In order to give your dragons the best chance at success, you need to feed them. Like anything else, these dragons are going to want food and are going to be hungry. Make sure that they do not feel this way for long by farming some great foods for them to eat.

Magic Dragon3

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This is an aspect of Magic Dragon Village that you do not see in many similar titles, and it is a small addition that adds a challenging but fun level to the game. You are going to need to farm and feed while managing breeding, evolving, and battling.

Managing that battling is not that difficult, but it is rather exciting. You can battle your way to the top in Magic Dragon Village, unlocking new items and improving your dragons along the way. There are plenty of opponents for you to face, and you can start destroying them all in no time. Evolve your dragons, make them powerful, and use them to destroy any enemies that cross your path. Do this in order to become the top player in the game and to win prizes that you are not going to be able to get anywhere else.

Magic Dragon Village is free to play.

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