Lineage 2

7.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Huge variety of classes.

Grind based gameplay.

Lineage 2 has a structure you will find in many other MMORPG titles, but it does not feel the same. It offers some unique features and looks that you do not normally find with these types of games. It has been around for years and continues to bring in players because of everything that it offers. With a focus on PvP, bringing in more and more players is important here. This keeps the game alive, it keeps it interesting, and it keeps you entertained. You will always have something to do and someone to fight when you enter this immense, beautifully made world.


As you start out in Lineage 2, you will enter the character creation. This is normal, of course. Anyone who has played an MMORPG in the past knows what to expect from character creation. You choose your race, you choose any available class, and you make your character. It is a simple process without a lot of detail to it. However, this is not the end. As your character continues to level up, you can add subclasses. These subclasses differ with each race, too. Each one will offer unique advantages and benefits to help you improve the way that you fight, to help you become better as a whole, and to help you do certain things.

Throughout the game, you can also collect pets. Pet systems are not unique to Lineage 2, but it still does it right. You can collect monster pets over the course of the game and then improve them. You will improve them using armor and weapons, preparing them for battle.


With how important pets are in the battlefield, having the ability to improve them rather than letting them sit as is will help immensely. This makes them powerful, making them a key to your success in fights. During the PvP battles, they may be one of the reasons for your victory.

Speaking of PvP battles, you will find that they are a major part of this game. There is a war amongst three kingdoms and you will find yourself in the midst of some battles. The PvP battles happen all across the server, require the use of strategy, and are far more detailed than what you find in most other games. Lineage 2 puts a lot of its effort and attention in PvP battles. If you enjoy player killing, this is the title to play. It goes into depth, it requires more than sheer power, and it will put your skills to the test.


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The content of Lineage 2 is huge. There have been numerous patches and it is a constantly growing game. Rather than making it and letting it sit, the developers have dedicated their time and effort to it. They have made sure that it continues to offer new experiences and that it continues to do well. This is part of the reason why it brings in regular players all of the time. People love the fact that it is always growing.

Lineage 2 is free to play.

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