Jurassic Park™ Builder

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Good visual and audio effects.

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If you have seen the movie Jurassic Park you will love this game, but if you have not seen the movie, you still will love this game.  This game offers a new park of exciting Ice Age fun in the Glacier Park. You will be able to find DNA samples from these prehistoric animals during their actual era.  So take a trip back in time and get your game on!

This builder game is fun on many different levels. You can have fun creating and designing your park just the way you want.  This upgraded game offers you even more ability with the brand new decorations this game offers to make your park even more extravagant than ever before!  You will be able to multiply your chances of earning even more coins by putting gup new buildings along the way.

Jurassic Park8

Even more than just building your park you will experience tons of adventurous fun. You will be able to find DNA samples and create your very own Ice Age creatures. There are new creatures in this upgraded Jurassic Park game such as the famous wooly mammoth! You do not just have to stop at dinosaurs anymore. There are so many levels to this game you will not get bored.

So this is it.  This is your chance to build your very own Jurassic Park. You will have to start from the ground up but that just makes it all the more fun because you get to build your park just the way that is perfect for you. As you search for the amber colored DNA you will be able to turn that DNA into eggs.

Jurassic Park9

Put your eggs in either in your land or your aquatic park, yes I said your aquatic park because you get to build no only on land, but in the sea as well. After your eggs hatch you will need to grow them until they reach adult age.  You can evolve your dinosaurs by feeding them plants or meat.

What you feed them will depend on the dinosaur’s diet of course. Since you will be needing food for your dinosaurs and other creatures you will need to make sure your park is filled with enough plants and other goods so that all your dinosaurs and creatures have enough to eat. You can do this by making sure your flow of imports is properly managed at the port.

Jurassic Park10

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Make sure to build roads so that visitors can check out your beautiful park. Be creative and entertain your guests properly because if you do it right you will receive more funds from them.  You can make different attractions such as amusement parks, hotels, places to eat, and so much more. After you have raised at least five carnivores you can use the Code Red mode which allows you to reap a ton of gains.

For those who love the movie as well, you will love the fact that this game will on occasion allow you to encounter some of the famous Jurassic Park characters form the actual movie!  You will enjoy the journey Jurassic Park™ Builder offers.

Jurassic Park™ Builder is free to play.

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