Heroes of Dragon Age

7.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Detailed graphics. | Great variety of characters.

Repetitive gameplay. | Logging in can take a while.

Heroes of Dragon Age gives you many of the characters you love from the Dragon Age series. Fans of the game will love the Dragon Age lore and universe all around them. While the gameplay and general set up of this title are completely different, it still has many of the characters and monsters that you know. It is going to have a similar feel to it because of the monsters. Of course, the differences will make the playing itself stand out in comparison. This is more like a CCG, after all, so it is going to have numerous changes and it is not going to play in the same way at all.


Since it is like a CCG, Heroes of Dragon Age does feel completely different from the Dragon Age series when playing. Instead of playing as a hero, you will collect many heroes. These heroes can range from goats to giant golems and dragons. There are many types of heroes available for you to collect. The heroes are not in the form of actual cards, though, instead looking like the characters. You will collect these heroes by purchasing packs in the store using either in-game currency or real life currency.

Purchasing heroes is easy. If you choose to use in-game currency only, you will have to choose from two packs. These two packs have a low chance at higher rarity characters, but they can give you some decent heroes nonetheless. After making some gold, head into the store and purchase the pack that you prefer. If you want a chance at rarer heroes, though, you can use real life currency.


To do this, you have to purchase gems using your own money. You can spend anywhere from a dollar to 100 dollars, or more if you would like, on gems. You can then buy more heroes, possibly getting Epic and Legendary heroes.

The battles in Heroes of Dragon Age are, of course, some of the most exciting parts of the game. You will face off against another team, five versus five. Use your team to destroy the opponents and to level up. Outside of battle, you can level up by having your characters consume other characters. Consumption will destroy the consumed character, though, so choose wisely. Combination is another feature if you would like to make better characters. There are multiple ways to improve yourself here and to gain power.


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Heroes of Dragon Age also has a PvE feature. You enter The Nexus to navigate maps and complete challenges. These will give you the chance to win exclusive loot, helping you to improve your team and gain so much more. It is all quests and bosses so it is a challenge, but one that has many rewards awaiting you. All players can join in, too, since there is no level or skill requirement necessary. If you play and want a chance to win some great prizes, enter The Nexus and put yourself and your heroes to the ultimate test.

Heroes of Dragon Age is free to play.

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