7.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Challenging and unique gameplay. | Different selection of maps.

No network play.

Glest is a real-time 3D strategy game that will put your skills to the test. With factions and numerous mods, you can play to your strengths. Choose your faction, build up your camp, get out your players, and go battle. The only objective is to destroy the opponent.

This is not a game with a deep story, there is nothing making it complicated, and there is nothing more than total destruction of the enemy. It is a simple approach to a popular genre, and it is done well. Part of why it is done so well is the mods. Mods are what make this title so much more exciting and interesting.


There is a basic set up for Glest. You choose your faction and you work on yourself. You make sure that you have a good camp up and then you get your army out onto the battlefield to take down the opponent. You have to work tirelessly if you want to win.

It is like most other strategy games in this regard. You have to put in time and effort to build a good support system for yourself, to increase the chance of success. Victory only comes when you try your hardest and work to your personal strengths.


The factions allow you to play your way. Say you prefer direct combat and technology with your fights. If so, you can choose Tech. This faction uses humans to build medieval technology and to go at opponents using melee weapons. Their strengths are generally best suited to newcomers of strategy games and newcomers to Glest. If you want more of a challenge, though, and if you prefer magic, you can choose the Magic faction. This faction uses magic and magical creatures to take down the opponent. It does not have the same direct physical combat advantage, but the mages and creatures do add a lot of power to your team.

Playing your way is incredibly easy. Glest makes it easy for people to create mods for the game. These mods will add to the experience and allow you to further personalize the playing style to suit your interests. Several of these mods are already out on the market, too, and more will keep coming.


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The game’s popularity means that mods are a regular thing. You can find several of them and you can even make one yourself if you have the skills and knowledge to do so. This will bring another level of excitement to your game.

Glest is easy to start playing. The graphics look great, the controls are easy to master, and the features are uncomplicated. While it is certainly a difficult game in terms of strategy and victory, it is not difficult to actually play and start getting into everything. You can jump right into this title. This means that anyone, whether you have played tons of strategy games in the past or want to get started right now, can enjoy this game right away and with few concerns.

Glest is free to play.

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