Forsaken World

8.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Plenty of crafting options.

Some translation errors.

Forsaken World is a free to play MMORPG that attempts to bring together the best of Eastern and Western RPG cultures. This is quite an advanced undertaking as many Japan RPG fans are extremely loyal to the genre and many Western RPG fans also find it difficult to get into Japanese RPG’s as well. A fusion of these two worlds allows for an interesting new game that can encapsulate the best qualities of both.

This story in Forsaken World consists of two gods discovering the world which contains a very powerful tree. On the tree were portraits of each of the gods. The two gods which discover the world then created races of people including the dwarves, humans, elves and stone men. Each race of people was created to fill a need that the gods had. In the game you set out to explore this Forsaken World discover the mysteries that lie within it.

Learning the properties of each race as well as the classes that go with it will allow you to create a character that works for your gaming strategy. There are also occupations which can help to further your experience in the game and get you more quests and relationships with NPC’s. The idea of the game is to complete quests, participate in player versus player combat and also to advance your skills to earn better equipment and to build more relationships in the game which can benefit you in questing and earning money.

Some of the classes that are available include; bards, priests, vampires, marksman’s, mages, warriors and more. There are eight classes in the game each with their own individual properties which can help to open up new quest lines and also work to help you support a questing group. In order to build a good questing group you will have to have a well-balanced group of people. Including support classes as well as ranged and hand to hand DPS is extremely important to having success in questing and boss fights.

By selecting occupations you can work to earn better money in the game and also increase your skills. Some of the most profitable occupations in the game include adventurer, collector, and Blade Smith. There are 11 potential occupations available within the world so you may want to try out a few before you select one that you would like to stick with. Becoming a Blade Smith or armor Smith can provide you with excellent quality of equipment but he can be expensive to train in. These are just some of the disadvantages that you can experience in the occupation system and why it’s very important to try out a few different classes to weigh the pros and cons.

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Forsaken World is a fun and free to play MMORPG. Unlike some other RPG’s at least forsaken world is able to present all of its content without consistently urging players to buy extra content for real dollars. This game is a great RPG that blends art styles and game styles and is well worth a look.

Forsaken World is free to play.

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