Fight the Dragon

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Extensive creation tools.

UI can be clunky.

Self-described as Diablo meets Little Big Planet, Fight the Dragon raises expectations and meets them every time. Its graphics may not be the same as these major titles, but it still looks phenomenal and plays incredibly well. It relies entirely on the community for its success, and the community has delivered.

The game has many levels, it has a lot of features and options, and it has a massive dragon that you will fight in the end. Your only objective is to battle, gain loot, improve, and fight alongside friends. It is a game with a simple mission, and that mission will keep you addicted.

Fight the Dragon12

Like most Hack ‘n’ Slash titles, Fight the Dragon has you going around and fighting enemies. You have various types of levels, a lot of enemies, traps, and even the chance to play with friends. You can go through these battles solo, do split screen on local co-op, or go multiplayer with up to 4 players total playing. Whatever you choose to do, the battles and mazes and traps will keep you wanting more. You can grab loot, have fun with friends, and explore this immense and always growing world as much as you would like. You can even add to it.

Adding to Fight the Dragon is not that hard. It is a community built game so it relies on the community to build it up as much as possible. All of the levels that you see are actually built by members of the community, and you can build one yourself, too. It is easy to do and you can publish it for play right away.

Fight the Dragon11

People will play, vote on, and comment on your arena. You can do the same with other people’s arenas. It is an incredibly simple and intuitive system that is unmatched by most other level creators. What you have here is exceptional.

As you collect loot and level up, you will have a mission to keep to: Fight the Dragon. At the end, you will have to take out a dragon. Now, this is not as easy as it is in most other games. The dragon has a huge amount of health and, without a doubt, you will die. You will probably die a few times. No worries, though. When you die, you have to go back to improving and you have to work your way back to fighting the dragon. Once you get back in, the dragon’s health will be right where you left it. No matter how many times it takes you, you will kill the dragon.

Fight the Dragon7

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You can play Fight the Dragon for nearly forever. Since this is a community built game, it is not something that becomes boring or that you can technically finish. Yes, you might kill the dragon at some point, but there is always something else to do. There is always another level to finish, another game to play. As long as there are players, there is always more activity and more options available.

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