Eudemons Online

7.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Massive community. | Innovative pet system.

There are only 4 classes.

Eudemons Online has experienced incredible popularity, and with good reason. This is a huge game that has piles and piles of content. It is going to give you something to do every moment that you spend playing. Whether you want to go around killing enemies in order to level up or you want to focus more on the quests, you do not have to worry about boredom. It plays like a lot of other MMORPGs, too, so you should know what to expect. It is fun, it is exciting, and it is easy to play thanks to the intuitive controls and layout.


If you have played most popular MMORPGs, you will know what to expect from Eudemons Online. It has a similar layout and feel to it, but with some of its own unique twists. You have the customization system, the quests, the monsters, the players, and the travel. You have a system that is set up in a similar manner to other MMORPG titles. What sets it apart is the content, depth, options, and features. It has the same bones, but everything that makes it different is what matters. This includes the pets, learning system, and various other options that you will not find elsewhere.

Now, pets are nothing new. Eudemons Online may be a rather old game, but the pet system has been normal for a while now. Here, though, it is different. The pets are Eudemons, after which the game is named. There are over 40 kinds here, and all with their own abilities and skills.


You can choose the Eudemon or mount that you prefer, you can go to battle with them, and you can take advantage of them fully. They will help you to take out enemies cleanly and easily. With the selection available, they will fit your character perfectly, too.

Your character in Eudemons Online can be one of several classes, such as a Paladin or Mage. Each class has their own unique play style and advantages. The Mage, as an example, can take out enemies more quickly than a Paladin can, especially early on in the game. Each one will give you a different playing experience and will work with your fighting style differently. You can play around with all of them until you find the one that works with you the most. Once you have a favorite, start exploring and tearing away enemies with him or her.


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Eudemons Online has various features and points to keep everything interesting. You can collect gems to improve your character’s strength and defense, you can use the mentor system to learn more about the game or to teach others about the game, and you can get into a competition with the Legion and Family wars. With the content always improving and with new content always coming out, and with a massive community of players addicted to this game, you should always have something to do. Even after playing for years, the excitement never wears down as you play.

Eudemons Online is free to play.

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