Dungeons & Dragons Online

8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Dungeons can be run solo or with parties.

Some races, classes, and areas require payments to access.

Dungeons & Dragons Online or as many people call it “DDO”, is a free online MMORPG. Unlike many of the most popular MMORPG such as world war craft because Dungeons & Dragons Online is 100% free to play players will not be required to submit to a monthly subscription in order to keep on playing the game.

The purpose of Dungeons & Dragons Online is much the same as any regular MMORPG. Players will be responsible for slaying monsters, evading traps and finding hidden treasure over the course of a large and immersive world. The graphics and combat system differ greatly from many MMORPG’s because they are more active and action based. Because many MMORPG’s are based on the original Dungeons & Dragons dice roll system, this one sets to change up the battle system and create some of the most realistic combat in any online RPG franchise to date. There is much more control over the character and you feel as if you were directing each and every attack rather than just selecting from a list of actions.

The Dungeons & Dragons Online store feature allows you to purchase upgrades for your characters using real money or points that you have earned by defeating monsters. You can get some of the best gear simply by adventuring in the game, but purchasing extra character slots, potions, hirelings, and unique character customization options have to be done using turbine points.

Turbine points can be purchased from the Dungeons & Dragons Online store or through the turbine website. These points will allow you to unlock a lot of the Dungeons & Dragons Online content much faster and give you an advantage. If the game feels as though you are stuck in an imminent grind purchasing a few turbine points is a small price to pay to give yourself a bit of an advantage and to save yourself a lot of in game time. The important part is to not get carried away as purchasing all of the upgrades might end up costing you more than a paid MMO RPG subscription services.

Unlike the AI in some other games, DDO feature some extremely intelligent monsters. Not only is it very difficult to sneak up on monsters, but they can see and hear you very well. In many cases in MMO RPG’s you can simply back away from a mob to have them not engage you. This is a little more difficult and also requires you to spend a little more time planning out your attack strategy.

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Some of the familiar races from the Dungeons & Dragons universe include; Drow, Dwarves, Halflings, Humans, Elves and the Warforged. Each race has its own individual advantages they can help you to further your class and to grant you defensive and offense of benefits. There are nine classes to choose from in this game which gives you plenty of different ways to play. Favorite classes such as Rangers, paladins, barbarians, rogues, wizards and sorcerers just to name a few, you can select a class that best suits the type of attack style that you would like to play.

Overall Dungeons & Dragons Online is an excellent MMORPG and features some very fast and fun combat. Although it is limited and you may have to spend a few turbine points, it is much cheaper than playing an MMORPG such as World of Warcraft.

Dungeons & Dragons Online is free to play.

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