8.7 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

This is a great game for kids and adults.

Frequent crashing of the game.

Dragonvale is a smart phone application as well as Facebook application that is somewhat of an RPG focused around raising and nurturing dragons. In this game you will be responsible for a magical island that you build in the sky which you will use to grow dragons which you can use to breed and race to win extra prizes which can help you in the game.

Dragonvale is simple to start, many feel as though it’s a game for kids specifically but many adults also find it quite fun to play as well. You can either earn extra items in the game by completing challenges such as racing or by growing dragons, but there are also options to spend real money in order to get a boost in your gameplay. Because many of the elements take quite a bit of time to get in Dragonvale many people opt to spending a few cents just to get ahead in the game and save themselves some time.

Part of the motivation that makes you want to level your dragons up is to unlock bigger and better dragons later on. When you start the game you only start with a few types of dragons but more are on lockable as you breathe dragons and as you continue to game. As you experiment in breeding and as you raise dragons you can start to see some of the amazing combinations that other players have created and just how powerful dragons can be.

Collecting money by raising dragons in completing challenges will allow you to build a larger habitat which can house more dragons. The more dragons that you have the more earning potential that you have so in the beginning stages you may find that with just one Dragon you may have to wait in order to participate in races and to complete challenges. Once you’ve collected a habitat that can house multiple dragons though, it gets a little harder to check in and feed your dragons as well as make sure that you earn the most amount of money through your challenges.

Dragonvale also allows you to earn extra coins by bringing friends into your universe. When you recommend Dragonvale and connect with friends over the game center network, you can give your friends gifts as well as provide them with extra Dragon cash. If you’re able to build a network of quality friends over Dragonvale it can really help to speed your progress and help you to unlock more parts of the game.

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In summary, Dragonvale can be quite a lot of fun. Learning about all of the different combinations that you can use to create the perfect Dragon to complete challenges is very exciting. Working towards creating the perfect habitat to house your dragons is also a lot of fun even if it does take time. If you can work in a network with friends and also really enhances how fun this game can be and brings an entirely new social element to this application is well. This is a great game for kids and adults and has some very fun and cute art to go along with it.

Dragonvale is free to play.

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