Dragons World

8.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Colorful 3D graphics.

Crystals can only be purchased with real money.

Dragons World gives you a world of dragons that is adorable and fun, and that is quite unique. You are doing more than just breeding and growing here, after all; you are also going to focus on battling and building throughout the game. You are going to need to create the most exceptional group of dragons that the world has ever seen, and you are going to need to give them the world that they deserve.

This game makes doing all of that exciting and easy, especially since the controls and general design of the game are user friendly. You can get into this and start right away.

Dragon's World3

You have numerous unique dragons in the world of Dragons World. You are going to find many of them while you play, and you are going to try to collect as many as possible. To do this, you have to breed and you have to collect. Doing this is easy, giving you the chance to collect your dragons in no time at all. You can also focus on raising your dragons, of course, so that they reach the age that they should be. Once they do, you can see them go from these tiny, cute little creatures to these large, stunning beasts that would leave you feeling a mix of awe and fear if you were to see one in real life.

In Dragons World, you are not just raising and breeding your dragons. You can battle, too, so make sure that you utilize this feature.

Dragon's World4

It gives you the opportunity to battle with other players, using your dragons to prove who is truly the best. You may not always win, but it is still a lot of fun clawing your way to the top and trying to destroy the enemies that get in your way. As you breed and raise more dragons, you will have more options for battling, so keep trying until you are the top player.

Players are not there just for battles. When you have friends in Dragons World, you can visit them and exchange gifts. This gives you the chance to do a bit of sightseeing while actually benefiting from their experience.

Dragon's World12

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If you have several friends who play, and if you give them the items that they need in the game, you will have many of the items that you need for a while. It is a great feature that keeps you entertained and that can really give you a boost.

Since you have dragons, you are going to need to give them a home. In Dragons World, that home is an island. You can build your own, even purchasing new islands later on for expansions, and make it perfect for those little dragons. Develop it to turn it into the perfect location for your winged friends, and even get some inspiration by visiting other players’ islands. The 3D environment makes the entire building and living here more interesting, and the actual game helps to make the most out of the dragon sanctuary that you build.

Dragons World is free to play.

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