Dragons of Elanthia

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Massive, beautiful maps.

The game is still in alpha testing.

The battle of your life awaits you in Dragons of Elanthia. Choose a rider, choose a dragon, choose a map, and go forward. You will come across many other players, you will face off with powerful opponents, and you will work on becoming the best. With the always expanding selection of riders and dragons, there is always something to suit your play style and preferences.

You can throw yourself into battle with your preferred duo or you can enter as a spectator to learn more. With the easy to learn controls and intuitive layout, it is not that difficult to understand and it is something you can grasp immediately.

Dragons of Elanthia7

Before you can go fight, you have to choose your rider and your dragon. As you will notice right away, there are a few available. Another thing you might notice is that there is always one awaiting release. Dragons of Elanthia has dragons and riders coming out all the time. This growing selection gives you more opportunities to play to your style. It is not just the aesthetic style, either. Each one has their own unique advantages and powers. You can learn more about their weapons and abilities as you play, choosing the one that you prefer after trying them out.

You can also select your maps in Dragons of Elanthia. There are a few different maps available, all looking as beautiful as the last. Each one offers a different setup and approach, allowing you to fight your own way. As you might do with the riders and dragons, try out all of the maps.

Dragons of Elanthia10

See which one you prefer and see which one you might like the least. It is a good way to build experience with the maps so that you know what to expect. You want to go into a battle ready for everything, after all, and experience is the only way to make that possible.

There are a few different game modes, as well. Dragons of Elanthia has everything from siege to death matches, to many more. What makes this even better is that the developers are working on other types of modes all of the time. Right now, even, they are working to expand on the options available. They never want to stop improving the game and giving players more options and opportunities. You can enjoy this fully as you go forward with the mode that matches your preferred play style or that you would like to try.

Dragons of Elanthia12

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Level up, improve, spectate, and do so much more. Dragons of Elanthia is far from a simple kill game. Sure, the main objective is to take down the opponents, but it has some extra depth to it. It has a spectator feature that allows you to watch over the game, it offers experience to build up your favorite riders and dragons, and it offers so much more, and will continue to do so as the developers build on what they have. It is the action and excitement that you want along with everything you never knew you could have.

Dragons of Elanthia is free to play.

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