Dragons of Atlantis

8.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Plenty of quests.

Only one structure can be built at a time.

Dragons of Atlantis is a fantasy-inspired city building game: build your ideal kingdom all while raising and keeping a dragon. Ultimately, users want to beat out the other three tribes in war-torn Atlantis, shaping humanity as they see fit.

You start the game by choosing between four tribes. Then, you’re set up in a city, and have to build and run it, all while hatching and raising a dragon. The game is in a triad format, allowing you to view and work on the city (where you train your troops, increase the society’s knowledge of science, and keep track of your people). There’s also a field, where you obtain the resources you need to support and expand your city, including lumber, mining, quarrying, and farming. The map is the area where you can conquer other cities and expand into new towns

You can earn rewards and gold by completing quests, and the social aspects of the game are certainly fun. You can take over other tribes or cities as well as make alliances with them, ultimately expanding your chances of winning the game (and control over the fate of humanity) entirely.

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The graphics are clean, and the dragon is especially stunning to watch grow. The movements of the game are smooth, making switching between each section simple. For those that love strategy-based city games yet lean more towards the preference of fantasy than SIMS-style reality, this is a nice spin.

Dragons of Atlantis is free to play.

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