Dragon’s Dogma

8.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Combat is good especially in massive foes.

Generic world and uninspired quests.

Dragon’s Dogma is known to be an extremely challenging open world role-playing adventure. Many have compared this series to the Elder scrolls, dark souls and monster Hunter. The game is all about surprises as well as strategy. In order for players to survive they will have to anticipate any trap and think as though they are in the situation. This RPG really pulls no punches and tries to offer a realistic journey that is full of challenges.

The story begins during a dragon attack where the hero is attacked directly by the dragon and has his/her heart ripped out. Somehow they awake later and are bent on discovering answers on how they were able to survive as well as how to defeat the dragon. The player eventually learns that they are known to be what is called an arisen in this offers some amazing benefits and powers. One of the main powers that you can experience in Dragon’s Dogma is controlling humans who are located in another dimension. You can collect new humans by going through the rift world to see them in the different dimension. As you progress through the game you will be able to take control of up to three humans or “pawns” as they are called in the game. You’ll need to build a team of pawns that have balance skills that can aid you in your journey. If you are able to collect rift points throughout the game by completing tasks and killing monsters you will be able to purchase more and more pawns and even pawns who are a higher level than themselves.

There are many monsters that you will have to face throughout the game. Using your pawns you will have to direct attacks at the monster as well as heal yourself and heal the rest of your party. Some fights are based on distraction using one pawn to direct the creature to one side of the battle area while using another to direct attacks at their back. The combat takes real strategy and it may take a while to get used to it for first-time players to this genre.

Boss fights might involve your character or pawns crawling up parts of a creature or directing attacks in a certain manner. Creatures will react to attacks and sometimes buck characters off meaning that you will need to space as your attacks over the course of the battle.

It’s these tiny details that make the game very realistic but also very frustrating at times. While some RPG’s will simply let you hammer on an enemy until their hit points reach zero, Dragon’s Dogma makes it more difficult causing damage to characters who are nearby when armor may fall off a large enemy, or having enemies with very small weak points that require split-second strategy to hit.

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Overall Dragon’s Dogma is somewhat of a frustrating game but works to draw you in with plenty of interesting landscapes and a very challenging battle system which can be fun once you master it. Each and every flight gives you a large sense of accomplishment and there is also an acute anxiety that gets built up as you are traveling and just waiting to get ambushed. If you are looking for a challenging RPG this could be just the game for you.

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