Dragon’s Crown

8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 9/10
Graphics: 8/10

Beautiful graphics. | Diverse and fun gameplay.

Clunky UI.

Adventure awaits you in Dragon’s Crown. With hand-drawn art, fearsome monsters, and a journey of excitement and danger, there is so much to see and do. Your adventure will take you through dungeons and over the sea; it will lead you across the world and have you face enemies alone or with friends.

It is available on console and handheld, too, so you can play it your way. If you choose to play on the console, you do not have to worry about missing out on anything. There is no lacking of content and there is no reduction in what is available to you.

Dragon’s Crown12i

Dragon’s Crown throws you in a medieval world of magic and monsters and warriors. It is an RPG style that you do not see often, and it is beautifully done. The art itself is what makes everything stand out and feel spectacular. It looks amazing from the moment you begin. You have hand-drawn art, you have wonderful animation, and you have a unique look. Its style is similar to that of card collecting and battling games, such as Magic The Gathering. If you have not seen much of the game yet, a visual treat awaits you when you start playing.

Now, when you start playing, you will meet multiple characters. There are a few here that you can use in battle. If you choose to play multiplayer, you and friends can control the characters. There are a few different types, too, so everyone will have something that suits them.

Dragon’s Crown9

You can customize them, use them to raid dungeons and fight off beasts, and choose your favorite. The selection and differences of characters in Dragon’s Crown is impressive. You do not see many other games giving you similar options. It will make the playing experience that much better and that much more addictive.

Of course, actual battles in Dragon’s Crown are one of the real draws of the game. As you go on your exploration for treasure and riches, you will come across all types of enemies. These enemies range from big to small, but all fearsome. Whether you are in a dungeon taking out a small monster or dealing with a beast while out on the water, it is a tough battle. Thanks to the simple controls, though, it is something you can manage. The controls make it possible to battle and navigate the game with minimal difficulty.

Dragon’s Crown8

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Dragon’s Crown is available on both console and portable device. Regardless of the one that you have, you can enjoy this game fully. It is exciting and it offers an incredible experience. If you worry about having the content scaled down or having key pieces of the game removed, you can relax. The game is exactly as it should be, no matter the platform you choose. Enjoy choosing your character, enjoy exploring dungeons, enjoy taking out enemies, and enjoy the hand-drawn and beautifully done art that remains through every part of the game. It is an amazing experience for everyone.

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