Dragons Ate My Candy

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Cute and unique candy defenses.

The slightest slip can accidentally spend all your coins.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Strategy.

OH NO!!! The Dragons ate my candy!!!!

You worked very hard on that garden of lollipops only to see dragons flying over snatching them up like hotcakes! I do not think so! It is time to bring out the big guns! Grab the gumball cannons and the jellybean slingshots, “THIS MEANS WAR!”

Other town people come to help you fight off the dragons. They bring their cupcake blasters along with their nougat walls to help protect your garden from the dragon’s sweet tooth!

Candy Town will not take this attack lying down! We must protect our “turf” from these hungry dragons!

Man your stations the dragons are coming and they are coming with a hungry vengeance! The more they pass over our scrumpchalicious lollipop gardens the hungrier they become! With each fly-by the dragons grow in strength.

Dragons Ate8

You will need to power up it is going to be a long 40 level battle to defeat these hungry dragons! We will have three plans (games boards) to choose from. Get ready because the battles can last from dusk to dawn and can become a very sticky situation!

If you find that your weapons are getting the job done visit the local store owned by Miss Ginger she can help with power ups and upgrades for your weapons. For instance she has a Gumball X-treme Carronade upgrade that can kick some dragon tail. Or a Marshmallow Stun! (We all know how sticky marshmallows can be!)

We will have many hungry dragons on our hands! Remember they are not our friends the dragons are our enemies! We will face many Defeat Skaters, Punk Dragons, and Plumbers!

Dragons Ate9

We have 18 super-doper weapons that we can use to build a strong defense against these dragons!

It is time for the Peppermint Headz and the Licorice Whips to join forces and kick the dragons clear out of Candy Town for good!

Remember our objective is to keep the hungry dragons from eating all of our lollipops from our gardens.

We will need to join forces and collect every weapon available in Candy Town to help defeat the Defeat Skaters, Punk Dragons and Plumbers!

Grab every Gumball Cannon, Cupcake Blaster, and Jellybean Slingshot you can find! Do not forget the nougat walls!

Dragons Ate7

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Candy Town needs help to keep their town and garden safe from the horrible hungry dragons! If the dragons eat our lollipops Candy Town will not survive!

Things to remember, keep your weapons loaded and ready at all times! Do not just watch in the air for these dragons they can swoop down and snatch the lollipop before you blink your eye! They are fast, hungry, and very strong!

This game is fun for all ages and it is made for your iPhone and iPad. You and your child will enjoy a fun filled adventure with the Dragons Ate My Candy game!

Are you ready to help Candy Town keep the hungry dragons away from their garden of lollipops? And save the towns food supply?

Dragons Ate My Candy is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Strategy.

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