Dragons and Titans

6.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 6/10

Tons of dragons to choose from. | Game is easy to pick up.

Clunky controls. | Some imbalanced dragons.

The Titans have been captured and are in need of your help as a Dragon Lord. In Dragons and Titans, you will take to the skies, forge weapons, improve skills, and battle as a way to become the best Dragon Lord and free the Titans. This is a multiplayer online battlefield arena game, MOBA, that offers challenges, a story, and experiences that you will adore. It is an exciting game that MOBA fans will enjoy fully. You can destroy other players on PvP, play along with friends on co-op, or discover more of the story through the solo play. Whatever you do, a journey awaits.

Dragons and Titans12

MOBA games are hugely popular these days, especially with titles like League of Legends. These games allow you to play along with friends and strangers, build strategies, work on characters, and crush opponents. There is no reason to play around with a story or go through multiple steps. It is pure action from the moment that you begin. Dragons and Titans follows the same path. While it does have a story, there is no reason to focus only on it. You can enjoy taking out opponents and raising in the ranks of the leaderboard without any type of fluff in the way.

Since this is a battlefield arena game, you do have a lot of other players. You can play two ways with others. There is the 5v5 PvP option as well as the co-op option. They both offer some great experiences with strangers and friends alike that you expect of any MOBA.

Dragons and Titans8

For people looking to go solo, Dragons and Titans does have a single player Adventure Mode. This mode does give you the chance to see through the story if that is what interests you. Take out the enemies and save the Titans on your own in this crazy world.

Part of what makes MOBA games so exciting is the different characters and weapons. In Dragons and Titans, you have over 30 dragons to master and you have the chance to improve your weapons. Using the mixture of dragons and weapons will allow you to become stronger. Master each dragon to turn yourself into the ultimate Dragon Lord and forge weapons to gain incredible power. It is unbelievable how much you can grow and how amazing you can become. Your Dragon Lord will control everything, from the skies to the ground, and tear down opponents in little time.

Dragons and Titans11

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Strategies are a vital key to success in Dragons and Titans. If you want to not only win, but also do better than everyone else and move up in the leaderboards, you will have to develop good strategies. A good strategy will help you to understand an arena and your opponents fully. It will guide you to success. To take advantage of your location and to use your dragon and your weapon to their fullest, start developing good strategies that will take down all types of enemies. Whether you are going multiplayer or single player, you want to think ahead.

Dragons and Titans is free to play.

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