7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Fun and fast gameplay.

Lack of quest variety.

There once was a time when humans and dragons lived side by side, but that time came to a close when greed overcame the humans. Rather than allowing everything to continue peacefully, the humans tried to rule over the dragons and put them under their power.

The dragons were only able to hold them off for so long, until the humans were able to control the elements. Most of the dragons fled, most. One stayed behind, trying to grab hold of the five elements for itself because it, too, had gotten a taste for power and greed. All of this has led to Dragonica, an immense and beautiful game that is likely going to capture your attention from the moment that you see it.


This manga style game does offer some captivating art that is a huge boost to its playing style and overall entertainment. If you enjoy the MMO games, this is going to be right in your interests. It is not only attractive, but also incredibly exciting and easy to play.

When you get started, you just have to choose the character that you want to be. There are several types so it should not be difficult to find something that fits your interests. The moment that you begin playing, you are going to see why so many people love Dragonica and everything it has to offer.


You can set the keys for Dragonica up any way you want. It is made to fit your comfort and playing style, allowing you to customize it to better suit how you want to play. Since everyone is different, this will allow you to get into this game without a lot of difficulty regarding set up. Once you do start playing, learning how to do everything is going to come to you quickly.

You will be able to understand more about the game almost right away, giving you the chance to have fun without investing a huge amount of time into the learning part of it.


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Dragonica is not all about battling, of course. There are many elements to this game that make it interesting, like crafting. You can explore the many skills and options available to all players to figure out how to best play to your strengths.

If you are more the creative type, trying to battle while having a mini life set up, this will allow you to do so thanks to the skills, housing, and other features. There is a lot for you to do here, making it seem like a never ending journey.

Dragonica is free to play.

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