Dragon: The Game

7.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Graphics are well done.

Clunky controls.

Dragon: The Game approaches gaming in a new way. Rather than having you play as a warrior to kill dragons, you will play as a dragon to kill warriors. Use the power of flight, your claws, your teeth, and your fire to tear down enemies. Kill anyone you do not like and save those you feel are worthy. Hunt, collect gold, and grow in a massive world built for your dragon. With customization options, you can have a beast that looks perfect. Standout when playing alongside friends and taking over. As the game continues to improve, more options will open up for you.

Dragon The Game12

The basic idea behind Dragon: The Game is to allow you to play as a dragon. Most other titles focus on the story of the warrior, but this one changed things up a bit. Here, the warrior is the dragon. Rather than taking up arms against the beasts, as you do in popular titles such as Skyrim, you will become one. You can fly, breathe fire, and tear apart enemies in the blink of an eye. It is essentially a dragon simulator. It gives you the chance to experience life as one of these mythical and powerful animals that have long captured our hearts and imaginations.

You are not a randomly generated dragon or a simple dragon. Everyone is their own, and you can be your own, too. Each dragon is unique because there are customization options available in Dragon: The Game. Choose the full appearance and then customize your armor and weapons, which are your body and breath.

Dragon The Game6

Decide how you look and how you will destroy your enemies. This will have your dragon fitting your style, both aesthetically and the way that you play. Make it your own so that you are completely different from your friends’ dragons.

You can compare yourself to your friends’ dragons in multiplayer. There is co-op available in Dragon: The Game, giving you the chance to fight against or play alongside friends. Destroy cities and lands with your fellow dragons or help people, whatever type of dragon you want to be. There is a lot for you to do, especially when you bring in a friend. You can focus on the world around you, you can compete to see who is best, or you can simply fly around and have some simple fun as dragons before moving on to destruction and chaos and fire.

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Dragon: The Game is always improving. It is still in Early Access on Steam so updates and changes are tobe expected. These will make the most out of your playing experience. Of course, sometimes, it is not enough. If you feel that the developer is not adding content quickly enough or not adding the content you want, you can look through the mods.

User mods add new content to the game quickly. These mods will improve your experience, will give you more to do, and will make the most out of this immense and exciting world of dragons.

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