Dragon Tear

6.7 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Easy to play.

Low quality graphics.

Fantasy comes alive in Dragon Tear. This game is going to grab at your mind and keep you wanting to dig deeper, finding all of the wonders that this game has to offer. It is addictive and exciting, and it is always entertaining. You are going to have the chance to start building up your army of cute and fierce little creatures, battle, complete quests, and have a lot of fun in general. This is the type of game that keeps you focused on it for a long time, and that keeps you trying to do better. With so much to do, you are going to be here for a while, and you are likely going to enjoy every moment of it.

As you go out on your adventure in Dragon Tear, you are going to come across various little pets and legendary dragons. You have to catch and tame them if you want to go further in the game, as they are your ways to the top.


Capture the cute little creatures that you find, tame the dragons, and become the top player with an unbeatable team. This will help you as you battle, play through the story, meet new characters, and attempt to move your way forward in this world.

With these little creatures, you can destroy the enemies that stand in your path. You have the ability to summon multiple of them, even doing combo attacks, in order to clear a path. As you do this, you are going to improve your creatures. You can actually evolve them, making them even better than they were. Make them powerful beasts so that anything that stands in their stands no chance.


You can also customize your creatures using special necklaces and gemstones, making them rather beautiful. Continue to do this so that your entire team is stunning and unstoppable.

As you improve your creatures, you will explore across five lands. Across these lands are over 100 stages for you to complete, keeping the story moving forward for quite a while. Thanks to how exciting the game is, this game length should not worry you one bit. In fact, you may adore the fact that this game is rather long.


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It gives you the experience that Dragon Tear has nearly perfected, just for a bit longer than you thought. As you do this exploration, remember to admire the great art that is around these lands.

You are not just playing Dragon Tear for the story, of course. There are over 100 quests, achievements, titles, and avatars, too. Complete and collect your way through them, making your character better and gaining far more than just a story could offer. It is an exciting way to play the game that can improve the enjoyment that you take out of it. When you combine the large number of extras with the large numbers of stages, there is much for you to do. Take advantage of this and get into the game, experiencing it at its very best every step of the way.

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