Dragon Story™

7.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Sharp and stunning graphics.

You wil need an internet connection to play this game.

This builder and breeding dragon game is absolutely the best. Every detail of this game experience is simply amazing. As you start Dragon Story you will be placed on an island where you will be able to breed incredible dragons building them with numerous colorful elements.

These various colors represent different elements. For example, red represents the element of fire and blue represents the element of water, and green represents the element of plants, etc. I am sure you get the picture now. These elements make your dragons spectacular. As you learn the tricks of breeding you will be able to create some mind blowing creatures.  You will have a breeding den to breed your creations in.

Dragon Story3

During the game you will see that Dragon Story is similar to other breeding virtual games, but there is something special about this one. As you start you will be able to buy a few dragons in which you will place in your habitat. This habitat will enable you the opportunity to take care of your dragons.

As you play the game you will start earning coins. These coins will help you develop and build your island of dragon paradise. Once you reach level four you will have unlocked the breeding den. This breeding den stage is pretty awesome in itself and allows you to begin creating your remarkable dragons.

Dragon Story1

Make sure to collect every breed so you can create the rarest breeds of all. You will find a lot of enjoyment as you hatch and raise your dragons and the breed more. You will have dragons of all different colors as you raise them from babies and then breed them once they reach adult level creating rare and beautifully spectacular dragons. Try to be the first to discover the rarest dragon of them all, the Diamond Dragon.

During game play your dragons will evolve through the four stages. You will be responsible for collecting the strongest, the most mysterious and the most fun dragons to allow a lively time creating the most unique personalities in your dragons. You will be able to grow food, magical food that is to feed your dragons. Enjoy feeding, taking care of, and raising your dragons all the while watching them grow into astonishing beasts of a fire breathing nature.

Dragon Story4

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Do not forget to have fun as you decorate the island around you. You can create colorful habitats, wonderful castle towers, astounding and gorgeous flowers and so much more! The graphics in this game really pop and the color and vibrant animation offers a world you will be glad you discovered. The sounds will also help bring your dragons to life.

Invite your friends to enjoy this game with you through Facebook or Storm8 and let take the game to a whole new exciting level helping your each other raise dragons together.

Dragon Story is free to play.

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