Dragon Pals

8.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

You can paticipate in a variety of daily events.

There are only three character classes.

The game of Dragon Pals offers a virtual experience that will enthrall you with all the dragon adventures it has to offer.  The dazzling colors are pleasant to the eye and you will enjoy the game play even more.

First you will be able to choose your character. You will have three options though they do have male and female versions.  The first is Archer, the second is Mage, and the third is the Warrior. Once you choose who you want to be you will begin your exploration of this strange and mysterious virtual world of dragons and mystical creatures.

Dragon Pals12

You will battle monsters and other beasts or evils of the world, collect rewards such as pervious gold, amethysts, dragon souls, and other items. Keep in mind that if you reap some of the dragon souls you can use them to free your allies such as dragon pets or other partners. Once you free a dragon it will then follow you around everywhere. This will help you raise your battle rating which is especially good for you.

As the game play proceeds you will be able to gain more strength and with your extra partners you will be able to confront what you might think is some very overwhelming enemies. There are so many things in this game that will astound you.  Your dragons can possess special skills so make sure to use them for your advantage.

Dragon Pals7

These special and unique skills may vary depending upon your role.  Your dragon souls can be used to cultivate as well as train other dragons and your dragon orbs can be used to strengthen.  You will also be able to customize your dragons so they can have your unique style twist put on it.

You will enjoy the graphics Dragon Pals has to offer.  You will also enjoy the characters.  The characters have very cool appearances and their costumes are very nice.  You will enjoy the game play with the dragons as they are able to talk and joke around with their master, which is you.

Dragon Pals2

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With 30 levels of fun and thrilling adventure you will enjoy the archery, battles, dragon quests, and so much more.  As you learn your own personal skills and talents as well as your pet dragon’s unique skills you will be able to advance along creating team battles and conquering the enemies along the way.  There is a demon tower in the game that will have you on your toes and as you train to fight against this virtual world’s evil enemies you will find that you truly are a victorious conqueror.

As you visit the different areas in your dragon quests such as the area, the demon tower, as well as other places you will be on the edge of your seat.  You will be able to exercise, farm, and train your dragons while cultivating their skills to be the best dragon pets ever.  Dragon Pals offers you an adventure you will not soon forget.

Dragon Pals is free to play.

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