Dragon Heart

7.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Turn-based combat system.

Generic gameplay elements.

Dragon Heart: An Incredibly – Challenging Game!

What Is Dragon Heart Online?

Developed by Mira Game, Dragon Heart Online is an excellent MMORPG game that offers superb strategic game play with a great deal of activity and variety to keep players active and engaged. The mixture of strategy and challenges makes for a really great experience. There are a few moments when the game talks in riddles, but not very often so not to worry. Thousands of players from all over the world are addicted to this superb game. On top of that, it’s totally Free to Play!

Game wise, Dragon Heart Online offers a turn based game play and is very enjoyable due to excellent elements of strategy. In order to excel, you must think ahead of your enemies and through strategy, come out ahead to claim victory. Discover challenging dungeons which will test your abilities and skills and reap enormous rewards.

The creators are always listening to their players for suggestions or if something isn’t quite right. As an example, many players found dungeon was too difficult and time consuming. So, the developers made adjustments and met the satisfaction of the players.

Dragon Heart2

About The Game:

This MMORPG with 2D graphics along with its own unique feel, allows you to explore dungeons that hide fierce monsters. As you move through the game, both you and your troops will gain enormous amounts of treasures and other goodies. Travel around the world with your pets that will also aid you in combat.

Explore the world from the north island. With each task, their will be a connection that forms a storyline. Deep in the continent, heroes journey through fortresses, mountains, meadows, swamps and volcanoes. The more tasks completed, including defeating monsters, you will learn more about the mysterious surrounding powers that be and you will eventually become a Protector of the World.

One of the most popular features among players are the pets. You can choose from a variety of battle pets to help you in battle and follow you through your journeys. Each pet offers amazing characteristics, shapes and sizes. Pets continue to grow through their abilities and many players strive to bring their pets to their highest level.

Dragon Heart11

How To Play:

To get going in the world of Dragon Heart, you must start off by creating your character. You are given a variety of classes to choose from for your character. You can customize your character to fit your personality and flare.


  • Mage
  • Warrior
  • Archer

Once you start off in the game, you will be guided around the game for a few minutes to get used to game play and offers excellent tips to help you along. The messages and tips are very helpful and will get you up and running in no time at all.

Dragon Heart8

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Monsters drop pet eggs when they are defeated. Hatch a pet and train him to increase skills and abilities.

You can upgrade your equipment, boosts and status. The equipment varies from tempering, purifying or refining. As they improve in attributes, they also change in appearance.


The graphics are absolutely rich and gorgeous with incredible landscaping that will dazzle any game player.


This is an enormous, expansive and excellent game of strategy. The virtual world of fantasy is glorious, action-packed and will offer endless hours of fun! Thousands of other players cannot all be wrong.

Dragon Heart Online is free to play.

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