Dragon City

8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Wide range of dragons to create through breeding

Limited city-building options.

There are so many games out there today about training Dragons, it can seem a bit redundant. Well, Dragon City starts out at the very core of the idea – because a well-trained dragon is only ever as good as his breeding, and you get to do that with Dragon City.


Here, you get to create over 150 different dragons, essentially running your own farm. The game starts by walking you through the basics, teaching you how to create the best homes for different types of dragons, how you can buy and hatch eggs, and what you need to do to raise the products of your breeding up into adult dragons. There are also various levels here, and as you progress, you begin to realize and interact with the reasons for the breeding in the first place – dragon fights.


The beauty of Dragon City lies in its lack of any real plot – you’re essentially running and building your own game here, without hindrance from a developer’s idea as to what the whole purpose should be. This also leads to another fantastic aspect of the game – there’s no real “wrong” way to breed these babies. Do what you will, and enjoy the interesting combinations! Socially, Dragon City allows you to visit yourfriends’ farms, as well as show off your own. And you can also fight the dragons, should the urge strike you. As you earn money from your dragons, you get to buy more equipment, more eggs, and keep moving along. And to speed up advancement, you can even purchase “cash” for the game through the developer.


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Dragon City is engulfing without being too “in your face,” making it perfect for a rainy day at home, or to kill time between appointments. Enjoy!

Dragon City is free to play.

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