Draconis Theory

6.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Colorful dragon art.

Text-based game can be boring for some.

Beautiful art, exploration, opportunities, and excitement all make Draconis Theory stand out amongst many similar games. There is a lot to it, and a lot for you to do, so it offers the depth that you want in a video game. You can also enjoy the fact that you breed, hatch, and care for your own dragons, improving them so that they can win battles for you. Since every dragon is unique, too, you are always going to have something to look forward to, making this even more of an interesting and exciting game to play. Collect, battle, grow, and become the very best in this wonderful land.

Draconis Theory is a text based game that takes you through lands and wonders that you have never seen before. When you get into it, you will be able to get your very own dragon.


You can train that dragon, battle, and breed, bringing in as many dragons as possible. What makes this unique from other games, though, is the fact that there are more than several types of dragons available. Instead of giving you a short list of dragon types to collect, you have incredible options and opportunities. They are each unique, in both stats and appearance, and how they battle and grow is different for each of them. It is an amazing sight to see all of these dragons grow up differently.

Do not forget to train and battle those dragons, too. You are going to want to make sure that every new generation is better than the last, which means leveling up and creating the perfect dragons, which you can then breed with other perfect dragons. As they level up, you can also learn new skills, making them more effective in battle.


Draconis Theory continues to keep the surprises coming and keep you entertained. There is a lot to see and do here, and you can always find a new way to make use of the dragons that you collect.

Being text based does not mean that it has few sights to see and few places to explore. In fact, Draconis Theory is full of lands and journeys that make it a phenomenal experience for anyone. There are six unlockable areas for you to explore, and you can even gain new territory as you battle. Exploration is a major part of the game, keeping it interesting and keeping you pushing forward. With the stunning art that is here, you are sure to adore seeing all of the new places to explore.


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There is plenty to do in Draconis Theory, so do not worry about boredom. Explore, catch wild game, and fight mythical monsters, along with meeting other players and making new friends.

This is a game with social features, phenomenal exploration, beautiful art, and the chance to do something new every day. You are going to create a unique story and life, using dragons that no one has ever seen before and that no one will ever see again, and you can do this as many times as you would like.

Draconis Theory is free to play.

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