Dino Storm

8.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Hundreds of quests and unique 3D environment.

Generic gameplay.

Kids love to have fun and that is just what they will do with Dino Storm. This game offers tons of adventurous fun and hours of exciting game play. This game has it all with not only dinosaurs, but also cowboys and laser guns too!  You will be amazed at the experience you or your child will have.

With hundreds of quests, this game is the real deal. You will be able to raise your very own dinosaur and then show your skills as you go up against outlaws. This exhilarating cowboy dinosaur game offers action pack game play that focuses on reputation and influence.

Dino Storm12

Since everyone wants to be the toughest and greatest cowboy in town, as will you, you will want to make sure you have the proper influence and best reputation around. Ride your dinosaur while armed with a cool laser gun to defeat any outlaws that come in your way.

While in game play you will have some exciting times. In Gold Rush mode you will be able to prove yourself. Take on herds of dinosaurs or stop the merciless bands of robbers. Do not forget to stake your claim so that you can get some of the Gold Rush perks. You will be able to team up with clans, explore and take on gigantic gold mines, and all the while earning your fame and glory creating an awesome reputation that will advance you along and possibly even make you the town sheriff!

Dino Storm2

You will need to make your way to DinoVille with not much more than just a shirt on your back. Do you think you can accomplish this great feat? You will and you will enjoy every minute of this adventure. You will have a little ammo and one loaded laser cannon as you start out.

There will also be a small dinosaur which you will tote around, but this dinosaur is yours and you must take care of it. You will have to come up against and battle larger dinosaurs along the way. There will be bandits that will attack you at different times, so beware and be prepared at all times. Take time to search the wastelands for treasures, but be careful as you will also experience trials along the way.

Dino Storm5

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During game play you will be able to set up buildings and structures along the way. You might put up a supply depot in one spot and a gold mine in another. You will be able to use the help of the saurian which will be companions to you.  Take advantage of their help every chance you get.

As you seek your fame and fortune you will be amazed at the adventures that you will encounter. From wild dinosaurs, to laser gun fights, to cowboy and bandit fights, you will find hours of enjoyable game time right here with Dino Storm. This 3D browser game offers you a multiple player option. So you can enjoy the fun and games with friends or family.

Dino Storm is free to play.

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