Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores

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Easy to control. | Nice graphics.

Intrusive ads. | Expensive special weapons. | Energy system.

Hunting is a sport that proves your strength and skill. Few things match the difficulty and excitement of taking down a beast that could easily tear you to shreds. In real life, this type of thrill is not a huge deal. Most of the animals hunted cannot do much to defend themselves.

Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores turns things around, though. Instead of hunting small game or game that cannot fight back, you will hunt dinosaurs. That is right, dinosaurs. Take down dinosaurs of all sizes, strengths, and abilities using your large selection of weapons. Choose what will work best and take control over this land.

Dino Hunter1

Your main objective is to hunt dinosaurs. Now, you are not going to do this in some safe vehicle or off a building. Instead, you will go on the ground. You will expose yourself to the elements, you will leave yourself open for attack, in order to hunt these beasts. This adds a new level of difficulty that you do not normally have with your modern type of hunt. It also adds excitement. You cannot spend a lot of time focusing as that may lead to an attack. You need to watch out for the predators as they run and fly around you, finding some way to destroy you.

Taking down dinosaurs is difficult, which is why you need good weapons. Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores has a large amount of weapons ready for you to use. Choose between a rocket launcher type weapon or smaller guns or numerous other weapon types.

Dino Hunter2

All are easy to use and can help you to kill more effectively. Use an explosive weapon for the big beasts and get a bit more accurate when facing off against pterodactyls and other similar dinosaurs that require more than power to take down. Familiarize yourself with the weapons so that you can switch between quickly and use them all in a strategic manner.

A great thing about Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores is that it has various settings. It is all about travelling the world and taking down your dinosaur opponents. You will do this on beaches, in jungles, and in areas you never expected to find yourself. Each one has its own advantages and setups. Take advantage of their unique layouts to hide from these dangerous predators and to strike them down quickly. This is not always possible, of course, but it is something you must do in order to succeed.

Dino Hunter4

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Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores is a social and mobile game that anyone can play right now. It looks great, plays well, and has no major errors or issues with it. You will love the way that the dinosaurs, the weapons, the environments, and the overall game look. The high quality build adds to the experience, giving you a more exciting and captivating game. It is free, too, so there is no need to pay anything to play. Enjoy your dinosaur destruction right now no matter where you are or what you are using to go online.

Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores is free to play.

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