Dark Souls 2

9.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

Fantastic world design. | Tons of challenging bosses.

Control issues with mouse and keyboard.

The original Dark Souls received global attention due to its intense gameplay, difficulty, and creativity. It was unlike anything else out there, and still is. Few games have matched it. It has become so popular and so well known that it is used as a comparison for other difficult titles.

The harder a game is, the more like Dark Souls it is. This is why the developer, FROM SOFTWARE, has continued the journey with Dark Souls 2. Here, you have a lot of the same excitement that you loved about the original, but in a new package with a few changes to keep it interesting.

Dark Souls 2 4

There is no need to change something that works. In Dark Souls 2, you still have the level of difficulty that made the original so popular. As you explore, you will face a multitude of monsters, bosses, and situations that will put you at risk of death. Most likely, this will result in your death multiple times.

This is part of the Dark Souls experience. To gain as much from it as possible, you will find yourself dying regularly. Whether it is from a sudden attack that you did not expect or because of a nearly impossible boss battle, you will die often.

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Adding to the difficulty, you have a more frightening experience. This is where death and monsters rule, after all, so fear is commonplace. Dark Souls 2 wants to leave you in a state of fear. It wants you to feel that there is no hope because, in all truthfulness, there is little of that left here. It is a grueling gaming experience that will focus on what scares you and that will feed on it. It is a nightmarish world where escape and happiness are not to be expected. It will keep you in a state ofhorror and shock from the moment your journey starts.

You can customize your character in a much better way than you could previously. The character customization and the weapon and armor selection can suit you fully. This is not just for personal taste, though, of course.

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Since you can choose from a large selection of weapon and armor, you can choose what best suits your playing style. Whatever type of fighter you are, however you prefer to fight, there is something here to suit you. This will increase the chance of survival and success, though only slightly.

Dark Souls 2 has many other additions and improvements that help to make the Dark Souls experience a better one. Along with a better customization feature, you also have exceptional gameplay as a whole. Graphics, animation, combat, and player progress have all received an upgrade. This is true for all aspects of the game, too. If you played the original, you will see a remarkable difference in how you play. It will feel more intense, it will offer greater flexibility with how you like to play, and it will allow you to play more comfortably and easily throughout the entire game.

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