Crimson Dragon

8.7 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Easy to control.

Short game time.

Crimson Dragon is a 3D dragon flight shooter and is most certainly a well thought out and easy to play game in Kinect. With this game, you ride a dragon through various levels, killing enemies and collecting jewels to pay for new weapons and skills.

Crimson dragon4

Keep in mind, you’re playing a person here, you just happen to be lucky enough to have a dragon that lets you ride around on his back. You can move up and down, and the game auto rotates so that you can play it landscape or straight up-and-down.

Crimson dragon9

Your dragon levels-up as you play which, as your biggest, baddest weapon, that’s pretty awesome. Skills also unlock as you progress, and  you can play through each differently and with different weapons, leading to even more game time and different experiences.

Crimson dragon11

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There are enough jewels in the game for you to win it, or you can buy some through the Xbox Live store.

All in all, Crimson Dragon is fun and interesting world governed by dragons where you will fight alongside them.

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