Child of Light

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Stunning artwork. | Interesting story.

Rhyming feels forced.

Beautiful and enchanting, Child of Light is an RPG that will grab the imagination and attention of all who play it. The art, music, and storytelling build an environment that will set you on an unforgettable journey. As you travel around the world of Lemuria, you will find yourself in love with the scenery and the cut scenes.

When it comes to battles and overall gameplay, that journey starts to become more exciting. It is a time battle system, requiring that you go through a wait period before you can take action or do anything. With help along the way, you can rescue Lemuria and open up your own true path as Aurora.

Child of Light1

The story opens with you learning about Aurora and her parents in 1895 Austria. Her mother vanished mysteriously long ago, leaving only Aurora’s father to care for her. The father is a Duke in Austria who loved his daughter deeply, caring for her and staying by her side.

That is until he met a woman, a woman who would become his wife. He loved her, too, but this love would lead to something tragic: The death of Aurora. One night, she became cold and dead, or as they had thought. In reality, she had drifted off to Lemuria, where she must go on a journey to go back to her physical body.

Child of Light4

Child of Light is entirely set in Lemuria, a world where the light has been stolen. The Queen of the Night has set her creatures out into this world to take the sun, the stars, and the moon, leaving only darkness. To save herself, Aurora must save Lemuria, and on the way learn more of her life and of her destiny. She is not alone on this journey, though! She has help from others along the way, including a firefly named Igniculus. This help will make battles and travel much easier on you.

The battle system of Child of Light is rather exciting. It employs a time based turn system, like many other titles. Each character must wait for their turn to make a decision and then wait through a casting period, which may take a short or long time depending on what you are doing. There is something different about this time based battle system, though.

Child of Light11

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In almost every way, it is the same as other games, except how it uses the firefly. You can use Igniculus to blind and slow down the enemies. Use it strategically and the enemies might never have the chance to lay a hand on you.

All of this is set in a stunning world that will give your mind and your heart everything you want in an RPG. Child of Light stands out because of the art, the music, and the storytelling. The creators put a large amount of thought and care into this, and it shows. The cut scenes have a wonderful rhythm, the art feels like an old children’s fable, and everything around it, the music and animation, ties it all together perfectly.

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