Bless Online

7.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Gorgeous graphics.

Uninspiring quests.

Bless Online is a beautiful game that never stops, even when you think you have done it all. You can continue playing, improving, exploring, and fighting for as long as you would like. This makes it even more interesting than most other titles out there.

The large amount of content and the many opportunities are just a couple of ways that it stands out, though. It also has some exceptional graphics, a great story, and wonderful combat. Whatever first made you love the game, you will love it even more once you start playing it and seeing everything that is available to you.

Bless Online7

The story is that two factions are at a decade long war. You enter during a time when heroes and artists have risen unlike any time before. War between the two faction affects everyone, and you have to step in to do something. You start by choosing a race and becoming part of a faction.

Just remember that the race you choose has its own history and location. This background and the faction itself will affect how much you enjoy the game. Choose one that suits you fully, that you feel you can use as much as you want as you explore this marvelous story deeper and deeper.

Bless Online8

A great thing about the story is that it is not set in stone. Bless Online is not the type of game that puts you in the middle of a story and has you play it out; you actually change the world as you move through it. Your actions will affect everything. Be mindful of everything that you do and make sure that you choose wisely. You do not want to mess the world up, after all, so you have to make the decisions that you feel are best. You have the control here.

Maxing out your level typically means the end of the game. At that point, there is not much to do.You may find yourself bored, ready to move on to another game. That is not a concern with Bless Online, though. You can continue improving, even when you have already reached the max level allowed.

Bless Online11

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Not only do you have high level missions awaiting you, but you can also take part in PVP and raids and other types of battles. Use your strength to take down opponents and to claim victory. It is not that hard once you get there, but it does take effort.

Bless Online has all types of players. People chose different races and different factions, and you will meet up with many of them. Of course, since this is a large world at war, not all will be your ally. Remember this as you start meeting new people. PVP does exist here and you will want to take advantage of it. Take down your opponents, help your side win, and go for complete victory. It is going to take a lot of time and effort to take out the enemies, but it is worth it.

Bless Online is free to play.

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