Black Gold

7.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Open PvP.

Questing can be boring for some.

Playing Black Gold is going to send you into a world of fantasy and wonder, where you can choose one of many characters. You can become a human or a dwarf, or you can become one of many others. This game gives you the chance to choose your character, your class, and your story, and it does so in a beautiful and intriguing manner.

It is one of the most exciting games out there that anyone, whether you are a longtime fan of the MMO genre or this is the first time you starting, will enjoy. It sets itself apart, it makes playing fun, and it gives you something to remember.

Black Gold12

The entire setting of Black Gold is steampunk and fantasy. If you know what steampunk is and enjoy it, this is certainly going to be something you love. Even if this is your first introduction to steampunk, there are still a lot of amazing pieces that make it so fun. You may find yourself loving steampunk, and loving it more than ever if you already do. The design of the characters and world, the technology, and the overall feeling that you get here are all more than you could have ever expected. This game keeps you entertained and focused for a very, very long time.

To get into the world of Black Gold, you are going to need your own character. You can choose between two factions, which each have their own character types, and then you can choose your own class and specialization.

Black Gold3

There are numerous options here that make sure that you are able to stand out. You may not find someone like you for a long while, or even at all. This is not the only way that the game is able to make itself unique, either. As you go further and further into the story, you will find that a major appeal of this game is the options.

You have a branching path in Black Gold. Instead of setting you out on a journey that is set up the exact same for everyone, you are going to be able to make changes. Your path is altered with your decisions, which means that you may find yourself going through quests and the world in a new way.

Black Gold8

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This means that you can play this game multiple times and still have differences that keep it feel new and fresh. It also means that you are going to be able to enjoy the game in a way that few others are.

Fighting in Black Gold is important, of course. Here, however, it is not all about swords and some overused magical powers. You have mech battles, which feature upgrades as you progress, and custom spells. You can have fun and battle in ways that are entirely unique to this game. You may find yourself making a new spell one minute and tearing apart enemies in a giant mech the next, which gives you plenty of options for destruction and success.

Black Gold is free to play.

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