Battle of the Immortals

6.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Quests are east to find and complete because of the auto-navigate system.

No UI cistomization.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: RPG.

Battle of the Immortals is a detailed and exciting MMORPG that combines different mythologies. Instead of focusing on just one, and making you deal with only that history and those gods, you will have the chance to see more. You will have the chance to fight more.

You will have more opportunities that most other games allow. This makes it exciting. You can jump in, play with friends, defeat enemies, and fight alongside the likes of Odin. It is a large world so prepare yourself for battling, pets, PVP, and much, much more. You have the chance to take control of it all and come out the victor.

Battle of the Immortals8

You will become an immortal in Battle of the Immortals. You can choose from one of the classes available, all with their unique advantages and disadvantages. Play to your personal strengths, going with one that suits your style. Keep in mind that there is special armor for each class. This armor will help you to make the most out of your capabilities and skills. As you progress, this armor will grow with you. It is an amazing addition to your class that you do not normally find with other games. It will keep the battles and your success more interesting.

Battle of the Immortals12

Along with your character, Battle of the Immortals does have pets. Pet systems are nothing new, but they do make for a more entertaining experience. You can battle and improve alongside your pet, having fun with them every step of the way. You can even customize your pet to make it look special. Since your pet can be almost any monster that you will find in the game, there is always something to suit you. Whether you want small and simple or giant and frightening, you can have the pet that you really want.

Dungeon crawlers will love it here, too. You have numerous dungeons to explore, all more exciting and challenging than the last. Since this is an MMORPG, you can go about your dungeon crawling with friends. Take someone you know, find a dungeon, and start exploring.

Battle of the Immortals6

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This is a great way to level up, find items, and improve. Dungeons can make any character stronger and better. This is why they exist, why they have become such important parts of any MMORPG. The big bad bosses will not stand a chance when you enter the dungeon and start cutting down the little minions that you find inside of it.

For a social experience, you can go to war with other players. Battle of the Immortals has guilds, like many other games like it, so fighting against other players is not only easy, but also expected. Join up with a guild of your choice and help it to succeed. Help it to gain resources, grow, and become famous throughout this world. You will fight over territory and you will fight for fun. Since this is against other players, you will have to put in more thought and effort. There is no saying how good the other players are.

Battle of the Immortals is free to play.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: RPG.

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