Baby Dino Run

7.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Good animations.

Ads keep popping up every few seconds while playing.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Dragon Pets.

Do you love dinosaurs? Then you will love Baby Dino Run! Baby Dino Run is so fun it is hard to put it down or walk away from it! This game is made for all ages and free for all to play! This game is an awesome addition to the many games that are compatible with iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touch. This is a great game to play when you are on a long road trip with the parents or at home.

You will go on an adventure of a lifetime with Baby Dino through obstacles and challenges that only you can help Baby Dino get through. As you go on this journey with Baby Dino you can run (slow or fast), jump over things, and dodge several obstacles. Be sure to watch out for extra lives along the way!

Baby Dino Run2

Remember Baby Dino has a limited amount of time to go the distance and reach his/her goal of setting the next record on the leader board at Game Center! Let’s get a move on!

With the electronic world at your fingertips you will be able to control Baby Dinos every move!

As with any game be careful you might find yourself running home just to play this game and see where Baby Dinos next adventure will lead you!

As your Baby Dino ventures out into the world on his/her quest to be the best Dino in town he/she will run into obstacles that become harder when you get further into your adventure! Watch out for the huge ditches or holes that you will encounter while running through the woods. Make sure you take a fast running leap in order to clear the hole. If you fall in you will have to start all over.

Baby Dino Run1

There are soooo many different obstacles along your journey make sure you help Baby Dino keep his/her eyes open. We do not want any surprises!

The graphics sounds, and animations are cartoon like and they are very colourful. This game is highly recommended for people of all ages.

You will never be bored again while waiting on Mom to pick out that just perfect dress for dinner or waiting in your Dads football game to be over so y’all can go fishing because you will have Baby Dino to keep you company!

Baby Dino Run3

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If you have trouble with hand and eye coordination this game will keep you on top of your game. You will be so fast your friends and family will be amazed!

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch ask Mom and dad if you can download this game. It does not cost a dime. It is free to play and there is no bad language or blood and guts. This game is just good wholesome fun!! Your parents may even enjoy this once it is downloaded and you show them just how much fun Baby Dino Run is!

Come help Baby Dino be the talk of the town by helping him/her reach their goal of breaking the global record on the leader board today!

Baby Dino Run is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Dragon Pets.

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