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You will find the application for Dragonvale on Facebook and it is also available with your smart phone. Dragonvale is pretty much a pet game that offers you the opportunity to raise, breed, train, go on adventures, and do battle. You are also going to build an island in the sky where you are going to do all this.

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Haypi Dragon

Haypi Dragon11

You are offered many options in Haypi Dragons. You have the option of training and breeding your dragons, fighting and battling, collecting items that will benefit you, and there are even more options out there. Let’s not forget about the adventures that await you, for instance; you can go treasure hunting whenever you want.

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Dragons World

Dragon's World9

Dragon World is quite unique indeed, with all those adorable, sweet, and exciting little creatures running around. It is not simply breeding and growing pets in Dragon World, there is much, much more to meet the eye here. You have to build proper habitat for the dragon types.

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Dragon City


In Dragon City you will raise dragons on a farm, with over 150 different type of dragons there should not be any issues in being able to get one of your own. You will have a mentor walk you through the basics of everything when you begin.

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Magic Dragon Village

Magic Dragon2

Having everything that is cute, interesting, and exciting is what you are going to experience in the world of  Magic Dragon Village. In the beginning, you are going to be a mere farm boy, but soon you will leap for higher goals. It isn’t going to take you long at all until you are out there battling.

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Dragon Story™


Using color elements to build yourself a herd of dragons. This is going to be done on a island that now belongs to you. The different colors are to represent the different elements for each, and each element has a different meaning. So, if you are a fan of dragons this is certainly the place for you.

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School of Dragons

School of Dragons11

The School of Dragons is a fantastic way to spend them after school hours, with lots of fun and excitement, along with some science educational values. This is filled with unimaginable things, you will be learning a lot of scientific discoveries which is by the way promoted in this game.

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Dragon Soul

Dragon Soul4

You are pretty much the reaper in this game, your job is to collect the souls of dragons, all of them (and that means all the different types as well). When you go into any game you go in with some expectations in mind, and in Dragon Soul you can expect those expectations to be fulfilled.

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